Celebrity Weed Dealer: Closely Inked to Justin Bieber!

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Justin Bieber and marijuana are officially bound together for life.

Sort of.

The singer posted a photo to Instagram this morning of himself and a well-known celebrity weed dealer named Milk Tyson.

In the image, Justin is pointing to four faces inked on Tyson's right arm… one of which is of Bieber himself:

Justin Bieber and a Justin Bieber Tattoo

Bieber quickly deleted the picture after it went live, perhaps because he realized that his reputation does not need to take any further hits.

Over the past year or so, the 19-year old has been connected to this drug on numerous occasions...

The latest Instagram shot isn't of Bieber getting high, of course. But it's safe to say the odds of him not being awfully close to this drug dealer are very, very low.

Seriously, what non-14-year old girl gets a tattoo of Justin Bieber?!?


Is he this unintelligent? I expect to dissapear withnin the next few years. I HOPE!


Justin is proud of his drug use. He wants older fans and thinks doing drugs makes him mature. It doesn't. Drugs have nothing to do with being an adult.


Is that pic of Tommy Chong next to Justin Bieber? I notice it appears to say " Tommy" underneath. If it is, that's all anyone needs to know.


This is not a close friend of Justin but a mere aquaintance whom he has seen on occasion. We should not assume he's Justin's drug dealer because they are in a pic together. People in Hollywood know all sorts of persons some of whom take drugs or pot. Even Obama is friendly with Jay z who used to sell drugs and still smokes pot; it does not mean Obama now does.

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