Celebrity Halloween Costumes Julianne Hough Should Have Chosen Instead

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Some of our favorite celebrities stepped out in costume over the Halloween weekend.

Shocker of all shocks, but none of them donned blackface. Julianne Hough should probably read this before Thursday. Someone send this gallery to her people.

Naya Rivera Halloween
Chris Colfer Halloween

What is Naya Rivera? Or who? Doesn't matter. That girl is on fire.

And who knew Star Wars could be sexy? Thanks, Chris Colfer!

Lea Michele Halloween
Jason and Naomi Priestly Halloween
David Spade Kate Hudson Halloween

What does the fox say, David Spade?

Fergie and Josh Duhamel Halloween
Paris Hilton Halloween
Jon Lovitz Crystal Harris Halloween
Joan Rivers Halloween

Something tells us this is the year of the Miley Cyrus. She's all anyone can talk about, you know?


Hough was giving a positive nod to the show and it's cast. Things have gone way overboard, she had nothing to apologize for. Everyone should look for the real racists and stop making villains out of people. Too many double standard anyway.


Cyrus you will never take over beyond. so bow down to the queen bee!!!


Naya Rivera is Carmen Sandiego!!


The Loser-Look is still her number one though!!