Bruce Jenner: Not on Kimye Engagement Guest List

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Bruce Jenner was not present at the surprise Kim Kardashian engagement event Monday night and there was a very good reason for his absence:

Kim's step-father wasn't invited! Ouch!

Insiders tell TMZ that Bruce was not included on the guest list, wasn't aware Kim and Kanye were engaged until after the fact and has never even had a "real conversation" with West.

It's unclear just why Jenner wasn't invite to the event, but estrangement can't really be the answer: Lamar Odom even snagged an invite (though he chose not to attend).

We can confirm, however, that Kanye planned every detail of the evening and that Kim's first call after the ring was slipped on her finger went to Bruce.

Meanwhile, the couple is expected to have a huge wedding and it is expected to take place in the near future.

They couldn't be more excited to start a new, legal life together, but they are peeved at the moment for one reason: Everyone at AT&T park signed a confidentiality agreement, yet a video of the Kanye proposal has still gone viral.

Kimye believes they not the guilty party behind the camera and are likely to file a lawsuit against him/her.


Bruce could careless this wicked evil CURSED kardashian family has nothing but disrespected him from the beginning of the reality show. Go back and check the episode so disgusting just for RATINGS. REMEMBER BOYCOTT EVERYTHING KANYE WEST AND KARDASHIAN and they will go away. Mostly pray that god will take of the matter for us all. KANYE WEST MOCKS GOD THEN TRIES TO DO DAMAGE CONTROL. AMERICA COULD CARELESS YET ANOTHER SENSELESS WEDDING OF BRIBERY,LIES,FRAUDELANT ACTIONS FROM THE SPY KIM KARDASHIAN AND HER KARDASHIAN CLAN. NOT JUDGING AT ALL.


Bullsh*t. Bruce said he never met Kanye either when in fact he had hung out with him on several occasions. As a matter of fact Bruce, Brody, Brendan, and Leah were all invited. They chose not attend. Even Lamar was invited. Kim's 1st phone call after proposal was to Bruce. I just think stupid Kris Jenner never told him it was Kim's engagement. She probably told him that it was a birthday party. So he felt that it wasn't that important that he not attend.


It's a black only event.

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