Bruce Jenner: Doing Great, Not Planning a Divorce

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Catch him on the golf course and Bruce Jenner will not be very talkative.

A member of the paparazzi found that out for himself this week when he tried to ask Bruce about his separation from Kris Jenner and got cursed off as a result.

But ask him in a scheduled interview to discuss the split - confirmed Tuesday by this married couple of 22 years - and Jenner is glad to open up.

"I'm doing great," the former Olympic Gold Medalist tells People. "Kris is happy, I'm happy. Nobody is filing for divorce."

Insiders say Bruce purchased a home in Malibu a few months ago, started to live there more and more and both sides of the relationship realize: Hey, it's better this way!

"Kris has her own place and I have my own place. There's no animosity. Everything is good," Jenner says simply, echoing similar sentiments shared by other members of the family.

This appears to be the most amicable break-up of all-time.

"No!" Jenner says with a laugh. "We're not going there. I have my family, I have my kids. All my time is filled."

But might it get rockier if either side starts dating? Sources claim Kris Jenner is crushing on Ben Flajnik. Could Bruce see himself back in the dating scene?

"No!" he laughs. "We're not going there. I have my family, I have my kids. All my time is filled."

Choose a side in this less-than-contentious separation:


Team Kris Kardashian


Two fools who deserved the pain they inflicted on each other. They both selfishly used, as well as ignored their many children. They are equally offensive in my eyes.

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