Brody and Brandon Jenner: SO Happy About Bruce-Kris Split!

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You'd be hard-pressed to find someone NOT happy about the Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner separation that the couple announced this week.

Bruce says he's doing great. Rob Kardashian says there's no bad blood. Kris isn't exactly shedding any tears and may be crushing on Ben Flajnik.

But two family members whose lives will be impacted by this news are especially thrilled, according to TMZ sources: Brody and Brandon Jenner!

Brody and Brandon were raised by their mother, Linda Thompson, and stepfather, David Foster. They've been estranged from Bruce since he married Kris in 1991.

They largely blame her for keeping their dad away from them all this time, as viewers of Keeping With the Kardashians know. They don't hide this.

But now Bruce is residing at his beach house Malibu, near Brody and Brandon, and the pair have been reconnecting with their father.

They have a growing, evolving "adult relationship," insiders say.

Moreover, the boys have been desperate to rekindle some kind of connection with their father. That's why they occasionally appeared on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, despite their bitterness toward Kris.

Now, however, they can simply hang out with Bruce whenever they feel like it and need not deal with Kris or any other immediate member of their family.

Talk about a win-win!


Kris should be Happy cuz now she doesn't have to deal with Bruce's GROWN KIDS HE DIDN'T RAISE IN HER BUSINESS AND maybe they will get a Real Life of their OWN and leave her alone. Just think Bruce is free to father some more Kids he wont Raise


Bruce made some poor relationship decisions. Of course many have made bad gambles. Brody is someone I could give 2 shits about but it's amazing how some people can stop and take aim but defend a racist piece of dawg shit like Kanye West! I mean seriously- a person would need to step back and take a REVALUATION of their STANDARDS! Then again- its hard for some to shed that armor of blame, I mean you really can't hold it against them because that is the environment they were taught in. Still- I could be hit in the head with a set of Egyptian Camels Nuts and I think I would be more particular about who I defended- then again that's just me and who is me? I'm the one who has no reason to negotiate with someone who doesn't have dick to offer. All these Kanyed CD's and salt and pepper and you have a good meal. Brody is a civilian and he can WANT in one hand and SHIT in the other and see which fills up 1st.


The only reason Brody is glad they split is because he's a die hard daddys boy and has been waiting in vain for pops attention. Pathetic. SMH,RMMFE :-P


PMK is a woman of pure evil.


those marriage rings were made out of tin..............


Baby was for publicity only
Kris is a fame whore, since the 80′s
Kim, the lips are too big now and effects your ability to talk. Looks awful.
Courtney, chew with your mouth closed, seriously. Your boys Bruce are the only level headed kids from this entire crew, Linda did something right. Listen to the boys, they know.

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