Asiana Airlines Pilot Costumes: Horrible or Humorous?

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And we have a new contender for Most Offensive Halloween Costume of 2013!

While it seemed as through the idiots who dressed as Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman would easily claim this prize, three Chicago residents would like to put their outfits up for consideration.

They showed up at a bar this week decked out as pilots from Asiana Airlines.

Asiana Airlines Halloween Costumes

In July, a Boeing 777 operated by this company crashed in San Franciso, killing two passengers and injuring many more.

And just to make matters nice and racist, the trio also wore nametags that identified themselves as Sum Ting Wong, Ho Lee Fuk and Wi Tu Lo.

These were the names included in an inappropriate joke that made its way onto San Francisco’s KTVU broadcast about the accident.

Sort of puts Julianne Hough in blackface and Ireland Baldwin as a Native American into perspective, huh?

What do you think? Dressing as pilots from Asiana Airlines is...


In bad taste, poor judgment maybe... but it was HALLOWEEN and both were fired this morning. THAT is disgusting. No need to make them lose their livelihood (As actual United flight attendants)... it wasn't racist (C'mon, they're GAY!! they are the last guys to be racist). They should not have been fired over this. United is WRONG here!!


OmG that is soon rude and awful..they are mocking the flight attendents who tried to save lives with their broken backs and bones?? mature...


They should be in blackface.


It's Captain Sum Ting Wong, co-pilot Ho Lee Fuk and steward Wi To Lo

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