Anna Rexia Halloween Costume: The Worst Idea of All Time?

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The "Anna Rexia" Halloween costume, which sparked controversy a couple of years ago when it was first unveiled, is back and more offensive than ever.

The costume, if the name didn't make this clear, is a play on anorexia nervosa, a serious eating disorder. This did not go over well in 2011, but has resurfaced.

Halloweenparty13 (dot) com is selling the "Anna Rexia" costume for $39.99, using the same contentious tagline: "You can never be too rich or too thin."

Featuring a glitter screen-print skeleton mini-dress, a choker neckband, measuring tape belt and an "Anna Rexia" badge, the outfit is begging for backlash.

Dreamgirls International, the costume manufacturer, said in an earlier statement: "We understand that some people will not find the dark humor funny."

Calling Halloween "an eccentric holiday" for people to express themselves in "myriad ways," they dismiss criticism as "a matter of taste and personal discretion.”

It seems Dreamgirls has changed its tune since, however.

Hypervocal recently spoke to Dreamgirls Director of Marketing Lar Hovsepian, who told them that the "Anna Rexia" costume has been discontinued.

"At this point it's out of our control," he said.

There are still units being sold by retailers, however. One of them Halloweenstore (dot) com has responded to the backlash on its Facebook page:

"We have received emails and Facebook attacks for a costume that has not been sold since 2011 ... We did NOT design, manufacture, etc this costume."

"We are a small family business that sold this costume, just as thousands of other stores did," the statement says, though the item is still available.

Sounds like an awful lot of disavowing and shoulder-shrugging going on, while still making "Anna Rexia" for sale if you look around hard enough.

What do you think of the costume?


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People, please ignore Harry. He is just another loser troll who can't spell, wasting his life. And VERY ignorant. It's on BrainPop! In the INTERNET SAFETY era!


People, please ignore Harry. He is just a loser troll who can't spell, wasting his life. And VERY ignorant. It's on BrainPop! In the internet safety section!


Models with eating disorders ?!?! Wow I've never heard of it before . You can never be thinner or prettier :) smile for the cameras!


Well are you pretty yet? Did you "get" to your ideal weight yet? I'm pretty with no food issues . I have a high metabolism . I couldn't stand having your issues . I just make sure other girls know I'm prettier. HA!

@ Kristalweaver

Well aren't you just a little bitch?


It is disgusting. I have suffered anorexia myself and seen what other eating disorders can do. You can in fact, be "too thin" and I was just this. I collapsed, was seriously ill and will deal with the consequences that my body was forced to go through for the rest of my life. There is no "dark humor" to this, it is sheer ignorance and quite frankly, disgusting. If this costume illustrated another disease/illness such as cancer, I would like to see which of you would still be finding the costume humorous. Anorexia ruins lives for not only the sufferers it kills but their families who watch them ware away, if there is something funny about this, please, enlighten me as I do not see a single thing funny about joking about people's suffering.


i think some of you posting on here are ignorant as fuck. i almost died from anorexia for modeling, hospitalized three months, and still haven't been back to work, because i feel too fat to model now. so yes seeing shit like this is wrong and fucked up! if this encourages an eating disorder, makes girls insecure, or someone even THINKS that anorexia is an option because they saw this, i hope the creator and people who sold the costume feel like shit. this is sickening. let them have been through what people with eating disorders have, they wouldn't be making that costume, thats for damn sure. i wish nothing but pain upon anyone and everyone who contributed, supported, or thought this was funny. suffer on bitches :)


she is bringing 'Hollywood' to life?


Bahahaha!! People are bad ... You huwrt my fweelings . Stfu and grow a set and try not to cry everytime you see something you don't agree with . Feel like I hurt YOUR feelings ? Stay off of the Internet and go live in a candy cloud with your kitten pajamas with your binky.


For those of you who are overweight and making a joke about this, I feel very sorry for you. This isn't something to be joking about. Anorexia is a very serious mental illness and is not anywhere near something to take in a joking manner. What if they made cancer costumes and other costumes like that? No one would be happy and cancer patients would rather die than try to beat cancer. And of that's how cancer patients would be like, that's exactly how anorexic people feel like now. Bullying is a cause of anorexia and this is basically bullying, making fun of someone's mental illness. This is sick, worse than Barbie. What has our world come to....

@ Rachel


@ Rachel

Stfu you have to be kidding me . Really ?! Maybe in your world everyone gets a metal for participating in a sport but not in the real world . Bad things happen all the time . Stay off the Internet and only watch HGTV so you can stay in your fake world little girl . This costume is not bulling ANYONE but the sore losers with issues . Grow a set if BALLS , get a spine , and learn that life is tough girly! Judge Judy don't play !

@ Harry

harry, you must be lonely or fucking weird to be looking up hollywood gossip, you're probably such a douche because you can't get a girl, you are an arrogant piece of shit.

@ Rachel

I'll answer that- it's come & gone to shit and it took fat, skinny, ugly and pretty people like me to get it that way. Don't feel to bad about what you see or hear today because tomorrow has a good chance at being more F*cked up than today.


I like it ! Keeps the wanna be fatties in check . It has a humor that a clown costume doesn't have . Maybe Adele should wear it and think hard about the meaning .