American Apparel Vagina Shirt Makes Bold Fashion Statement, Period

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American Apparel knows how to raise eyebrows with its clothing, that's for sure. But some new t-shirts are pushing boundaries even by their standards.

Case in point? The retail chain's new "Period" shirt featuring a screen-printed, vivid illustration by Petra Collins of a menstruating, masturbating vagina.

One could call this a self-pleasing fashion statement ... or something:

Collins curates The Ardorous, an "all-female online art platform" that also sells a similarly expressive "wet tee" (below) at American Apparel exclusively.

The platform features a lot of (you guessed it) feminist-slanted work.

Half of the proceeds of these tees' sales will go directly to the collective, and you have to respect her ability and willingness to go for broke like this.

As for who would actually wear this? You tell us ...

  • Vagina Shirt
  • Wet T-Shirt
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Could this be a lesbian thing going on here, but using another agenda to recruit?


So women's lib was about the right to wear a faux bloody vagina on a tshirt? Wow glad we got that all worked out.
Ugh, that vagina shirt is effing repulsive, and the titty one is just stupid.
Let's have them donate to keeping art in schools because if that is honestly what we're promoting as artistic have serious problems. It's unoriginal and looking for shock value, just like Miley cyrus

@ Kady

Wow I didn't even read this and I said the same about it mirroring Miley cyrus's behavior


That is just disgusting. I do not care how "natural" the female body is supposed to be, these are just awful. I am appalled by them and would never wash my car with one of these let alone buy one!!!!!

@ Jennifer

Wow I didn't even read this and I said the same about it mirroring Miley cyrus's behavior


I'd buy them, I like them.


There is a difference between not being ashamed of something and being repulsive. Everyone shits too that doesn't mean I want to watch someone do it or look at pictures of it.. Not to mention the fact that children, who are not ready to learn about these things, will be exposed to it.

@ Jamie

shoots, don't just worry about the kids. i'm an adult, and i think this goes too far. don't have any creativity? be trashy.




Both are sick.




That's disgusting! Why even go there!


Okay - the wet tee is actually cute. I don't see any problem with it. However, the bleeding vagina is just gross.