American Apparel Vagina Shirt Makes Bold Fashion Statement, Period

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American Apparel knows how to raise eyebrows with its clothing, that's for sure. But some new t-shirts are pushing boundaries even by their standards.

Case in point? The retail chain's new "Period" shirt featuring a screen-printed, vivid illustration by Petra Collins of a menstruating, masturbating vagina.

One could call this a self-pleasing fashion statement ... or something:

Collins curates The Ardorous, an "all-female online art platform" that also sells a similarly expressive "wet tee" (below) at American Apparel exclusively.

The platform features a lot of (you guessed it) feminist-slanted work.

Half of the proceeds of these tees' sales will go directly to the collective, and you have to respect her ability and willingness to go for broke like this.

As for who would actually wear this? You tell us ...

  • Vagina Shirt
  • Wet T-Shirt
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Wow... Omg... Really... So nasty. Any female that's would wear this would obviously be looking for attention. Nice image for children to see!!!


...and yet you say nothing about the men who wear shirts with pornographic images of women or obscene language.


These are ridiculously disgusting




& everyone is complaining bout Miley....?


The boob shirt id wear (:


Silly. Where's the booty hole pride shirt, with a little doody flowing out, cuz " Love your body" ?? Or maybe a nose with boogers? Gross man. That's why we wear underpants, and then pants OVER the under pants. Cuz, nobody needs to see that.


Michael Jackson Live!!!


now if these shirts had a blurred penis on them, everyone would lose their minds...


Did Miley Cyrus endorse these?? They seem to complement her repulsive with pride attitude. You can support something without being disgusting, maybe more people would take heed that way......But this blatant vulgar display in hopes of attracting attention in what ever type it may be method of pushing ones name forward (this phenomenon I will now refer to as CYRUSING *copy written) is just sickening, and I will not support it....ever. (-_-)... Try proving yourself and giving a real reason for consumers to support you and your agenda rather then tricking them into unintentional support because they viewed this page one already to many times in disgusted disbelief.