Alison Gold "Chinese Food" Video: Even Worse Than Rebecca Black?

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Alison Gold's "Chinese Food" music video, which is apparently a thing that hit the Internets Monday, is so bad it may make you wish it was "Friday."

As in Rebecca Black starts to look good by comparison.

"Chinese Food" is about what you think it's about. Alison Gold is a big fan of some egg rolls, chop suey, ch-ch-ch-chow mein and then some. Hardcore.

Take a look at the new musical viral sensation below:

Surprisingly (and by surprisingly we mean not at all), "Chinese Food" comes from songwriter Patrice Wilson, the very same guy that penned "Friday."

Also, "Chinese Food" is sung by a young, adorable, impressionable girl who will no doubt regret her claim to "fame" in a few years. Gooooo Internet!

Here's Rebecca Black's "hit" song, just because ...


Well, just when we thought the hype of "Chinese Food" would die down, the black hole of the internet opened up again and threw up Alison Gold's prequel to the video. Patrice Wilson tops the charts of the creep-o-meter and makes viewers everywhere question the morality of the world. Check 'er out, if you dare.


unless you were planning a suïcide.

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