Alec Baldwin Writes BRUTAL Editorial About "Vermin" Paparazzi in East Hampton

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Alec Baldwin is at it again, this time writing a scathing letter about the paparazzi in East Hampton, N.Y., to a local newspaper, likening them to "vermin."

He's like a whiter, older, East Coast Kanye West!

Baldwin wrote the East Hampton Star about photographers "marauded up and down the village’s Main Street in search of photos of my wife and/or our newborn child."

Another "slovenly" one, he says, stakes out by Ralph Lauren store, and once reasoned, “You people brought this out here. I’m just trying to make a buck off of it."

Honest, at least.

"What has gone wrong with our society that this vermin has spawned in East Hampton?" Baldwin, 55, wrote of the Hamptons paparazzi invasion.

"These are not New Yorkers that have slithered out here. They are home grown. They are locals. And they obviously have no idea about how to live in a community."

"I hope that our local government will address this issue. This has nothing to do with freedom of the press and everything to do with criminal harassment, abuse, and authorizing the intimidation and stalking of one group in our society while protecting the basic rights of all others."

"That’s remarkably like a bill of attainder. And that’s unconstitutional."

The actor's war with celebrity gossip media and cameramen dates back years, but has become especially heated since the birth of his daughter, Carmen.

In August, Baldwin grabbed a paparazzo and pinned him against a parked car in NYC while he tried to snap a coveted "post-baby photo" of his wife, Hilaria.

Last week, Hilaria twisted her ankle while being chase by paparazzi in New York City during a morning jog, E! News noted, further enraging the actor.

Also this year, Alec went on a homophobic Twitter rant after a tabloid ran a report about Hilaria that he didn't like, so it's not just cameramen he hates.

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His description of one of the photographers as tall, slovenly, looking as if he spends serious time on the couch while his mother makes soup and sandwiches -- describes HIMSELF, and the happy days to which he wishes he could return. I'm one of the many people who have received his insane,"brutal" phone calls -- and I should turn over the tapes to Genevieve Sabourin's attorneys. He's nothing but an ill-bred narcissistic sociopathic shallow bully with a talent for mimicry, and everything about him and his is negative and tacky.