11-Year-Old Girl Sent Home From School With Letter Informing Parents She's Fat

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An 11-year-old Florida girl was sent home from school with a letter informing her parents that she's overweight, a controversial practice by any measure.

But wait until you hear what she actually weighs ...

The girl is 5'5" and tips the scales at 124 pounds.

While that sounds like the definition of normal, the county health department came to Lily Grasso's middle school in Naples, Fla., to screen the kids.

Since Lily's BMI registered at 22, she was put into the "overweight" category and a (pejoratively nicknamed) "fat letter" was sent out, enraging her mom.

While the letter's intent is clearly coming from the right, anti-obesity place, one wonders if this is only compounding kids' self-esteem and body issues.

In this case, with a girl like Lily who isn't anyone's definition of overweight, will she develop a complex over being told she's fat in such an official way?

As her mom, Kristen, asked, should a test like this be done by a doctor, rather than a school? Should a school go further than promoting diet and exercise?

Parents were given the option to opt out, but it appears they had little idea what was to be expected from the screening. Tell us what you think below:

School letters to parents about kids' weight: Right or wrong?


I'm guessing she's under Obama care plan. Michele probably has her hand in it!


I couldn't have said it better.


If you run the BMI for 5' 5" and 124 lbs, it actually comes to 20.6 (not 22), so not only are these letter a ridiculous way to address any problems with obesity, the math and categorization is factually wrong, in this case. And this helps kids in what way?


BMI of 18.5 - 24.5 is completely normal, she was 22. I do not know why she thinks the kid is overweight? Parents these days.

@ Jason

Um, read the story. The parents did not have anything to do with it. It was the school. The parents are outraged

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