11-Year-Old Girl Sent Home From School With Letter Informing Parents She's Fat

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An 11-year-old Florida girl was sent home from school with a letter informing her parents that she's overweight, a controversial practice by any measure.

But wait until you hear what she actually weighs ...

The girl is 5'5" and tips the scales at 124 pounds.

While that sounds like the definition of normal, the county health department came to Lily Grasso's middle school in Naples, Fla., to screen the kids.

Since Lily's BMI registered at 22, she was put into the "overweight" category and a (pejoratively nicknamed) "fat letter" was sent out, enraging her mom.

While the letter's intent is clearly coming from the right, anti-obesity place, one wonders if this is only compounding kids' self-esteem and body issues.

In this case, with a girl like Lily who isn't anyone's definition of overweight, will she develop a complex over being told she's fat in such an official way?

As her mom, Kristen, asked, should a test like this be done by a doctor, rather than a school? Should a school go further than promoting diet and exercise?

Parents were given the option to opt out, but it appears they had little idea what was to be expected from the screening. Tell us what you think below:

School letters to parents about kids' weight: Right or wrong?

Shell cooper

Sorry, but 5'5 and 124 pounds is far from overweight. I can't believe they allowed that. Shame on them.


Shame on the 9.4% who voted for this practice. It doesn't get anyone healthier. It justs gives kids eating disorders. Its not for the school to decide what weight a child should be and the worse part is that these letters are going out to perfectly normal sized children.


Thats it like kids are not self conscious as it is! Really!


If they would have used bmi in percentile a like your suppose to for under 18 she would be in the normal range of 5-85 percentile;) sad that this happened.


If that school thinks she is "overweight" then I must be "obese". I am 26 years old, 5'3" and 130 lbs with a BMI of 23 (which according to my doctor is a healthy range)....Thankfully I am very secure with how I look and feel. I weighed 103 pounds for a very long time and always looked sickly. I love my new weight and wouldn't trade it for anything!


If you DO want your child's body-weight indexed, go to a DOCTOR! People in the Health Dept. are no smarter than anyone online, commenting. They gossip, get cranky and so on! This was so wrong and I REALLY pray that the girl (mentioned here) is okay with herself (already) and laughing at how mad everyone gets in her defense! Smh


No one has a right to tell kids their fat! That can cause eating disorders and low self esteem! I was told the same thing as a kid and it bothered me and messed woth my head I actually stopped eating andnlost weight too fast and for my hieght I looked sickly! NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT!


The reason that a BMI of 22 or 20.6 is considered overweight is because of her AGE. The acceptable BMI is much lower until you transition to the adult scale, even if you are the size of an adult. She is likely above the 99th percentile for height for age. The BMI scale does not work very well if you are above or below the middle of the height charts.


This is ridiculous. Anyone with a brain can figure out the BMI system is flawed. Anyone who is muscular, which she most likely is(just look at her!), will calculate with a higher BMI but not appear overweight. These idiots need to use their eyes and brains to see she is not overweight. Way to go morons, checkin with her in a few years and let's see if she has an eating disorder....


This makes no sense. A 5'5" woman at 124lbs has a BMI of 20.6. With 18.5-24.9 being a normal healthy BMI, this pisses me off! Even a BMI of 22, which is stated that she had (she didn't), is healthy. Who the hell do people think they are? And who did the math wrong, and who thought a BMI of 22 is considered over weight. I'm 5'5", weigh 138, and have a BMI of 23.0, and people say I look awesome, and I feel really healthy and work out 4-6 days a week. This is so messed up!

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