Women Sell Used Pregnancy Tests on Craigslist, Apocalypse Inches Ever Closer

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Go stock up on canned goods, readers. The Apocalypse is nigh.

Women have started to sell their used pregnancy tests on Craiglist, charging around $25 for the peed-on stick and, even more incredibly, actually attracting buyers for some reason we'd rather not contemplate.

Who are these folks ponying up cash for a used pregnancy test?

Women looking to play a prank? To sucker a boyfriend into proposing? Take your best guess now, shake your head over the future of our nation and watch the following video for more:


Being pregnant and having a baby dont make a man marry you or stay with you if he truly loves you he will marry you and stay a baby wont make him stay and make you a family i would know


.......................never have a dull moment again................


That's fucking disgusting..


If the end of the world is truly coming, then why don't it fucking get here already? Cause I've been waiting for it since 12/21/12!

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