Two-Toned Lobster: Caught Off Maine Coast! Wicked Cool-Looking!

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A two-toned lobster caught in the area of Owls Head, Maine, may be the coolest ever.

How cool is it? The fishermen who found it gave it a new home at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, rather than next to a dish of butter and a side of coleslaw.

The rare crustacean is two-toned, symmetrically. Check him out in the video below:

A genetic mutation, and a particularly uncommon one at that, led to this two-toned lobster's creation. It occurs in roughly one in 50 million lobsters.

Even more rare, and not quite as cool? An albino lobster, at 1-in-100,000,000.

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the next thing: A TALKING STEAK?


Cool lobster, I'd probably take a picture of it and frame it. And let it go back into the sea where it belongs.