Twerking Fail: Girl Crashes Into Coffee Table, Catches on FIRE!

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This Twerking fail, in which a girl's self-filmed sexy-dance for her boyfriend takes a sudden, nearly disastrous turn, is going viral and undeniably epic.

Caitlin Heller, who posted the video, titled it "Worst Twerk Fail EVER."

She's not lying. After some suggestive but fairly ordinary moves, she decides to get all up against the wall in a handstand a la Miley Cyrus Twerking.

Only the wall was actually a door, which someone opened, knocking her down onto the coffee table, on which there were candles. You gotta see this:

Wow. Just ... wow.

"I tried making a sexy twerk video for my boyfriend and things got a bit too hot :)" Caitlin wrote in a joke at her own expense, which we feel allows us to laugh.

There are those who will claim it was staged, because frankly how would this possibly ever happen to someone, but the two girls' reactions sure look real.

What do you think? Real or elaborately staged? Funny or scary? Sexy or gross? Share your comments on all things Caitlin Heller Twerking below!

UPDATE: It was all an elaborate prank by Jimmy Kimmel, he revealed on his show September 9. Caitlin is really Daphne ... a professional stuntwoman!

Too bad ... but well played, JK!

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Alcohol burns blue, and the way those flames don't spread looks like it's something she applied. That table broke easier than ikea furniture. Also, the table breaking noise is a sound effect that starts before she touches it. Definately fake.


Boyfriend is lucky. That ass ... daaaaamn


that looks real.. the way she fell on that table was completely real

@ jae

Looks like a bottle of some beverage on the table. If it is liquor, and it spilled on her pants, the alcohol content in it could cause her pants to catch on fire from the candles, just saying.


Legit!!. That's crazy though. She straight out caught in fire. Poor girl. Lol... She should have locked the door.


Well she'd been alright if that one chick hadn't come in and messed up her set. Either way, funniest shit ive seen today! Epic Fail by way of accident! Awesome!

@ WTF?

I just gotta ask. Who in the f*ck comes home and their main objective AT THE MOMENT is to make a video of them twerking So they can give it to their boyfriend? Did it take 4 years of college? More like 8 years of high school..... Bat shit crazy! But if it makes your day!

@ Sims

I know, I know, but every once in a while you gotta just step back from life, look at it, and laugh your ass off. Because if not, you'll just end up depressed and alone. Agree?

@ Sims

LMFAO ;-D I don't know. All I know is how cool it was to capture that level of utter stupidity on camera just as she "almost" succeeded in her little dance. Too damn funny! I think I almost wet myself a little! ;-)

@ WTF?

Wet yourself? Damn it girl! Stupidity? That one word said it all,