Tim McGraw Gay Rumors: Source of Marital Tension with Faith Hill?

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So much for those Taylor Swift romance rumors.

According to the latest made up National Enquirer cover story, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill may be headed toward a divorce for the complete opposite reason from McGraw having eyes for another woman:

He's gay!

Tim McGraw Gay Cover

Or at least he likes to act gay.

A disgruntled former friend of the artist is supposedly planning to write a memoir that chronicles McGraw's homoerotic pranks, such as taking photos with his hand on another man's butt and daring his drummer to run across the stage naked.

This tabloid says the salacious tell-all will include “stories about how Tim made comments, and complimented some band members on the size of their manhood, as they played along with his practical jokes."

So… is McGraw actually into men? No, this magazine source says.

The star is "just a huge practical joker," although the author of the upcoming book believes the "twisted games Tim plays make him bisexual."

Phew. At least Hill has nothing to worry about in that case. She is one of the two genders McGraw apparently likes.


you are all wrong about tim being gay and a divorce


Had a gay friend whose 'straight cousin' would text him nude pictures of himself. A guy who kids around or someone dipping their tow in the water to see what happens? Either way it shows how dumb and needy for attention some men can be. Someone needs to pull this guy aside and tell him to man up. There's a time a place for kidding around and a guy knows when it's going to far. If what is being said is true about spanking a guy on the ass in assless chaps on stage or discussing another man's penis size? Wouldn't be the first married guy I've seen leave a wife for a guy either. Personally, always thought the guy acted a little gay so if he is wouldn't surprise me. I get tired of meeting 'straight, masculine men' that act more like women with shoe addictions, stuck on their appearance and need for constant attention. When did 'straight' men want to act so gay? Little advice for Mr. McGraw...if ya don't want people thinking yer gay then quit acting like a fag. I don't get turned on by guys that act like stereotypical gay bar trash. And for the record, yeah I'm gay.


oh for Christ sakes: I guess having showered and slept with 100s of men makes me a certain way. Oh, I forgot, I was in the army at the time
and yes they were brothers of mine.


Tim McGraw isn't homosexual! That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard! If anything, he's just a kidder! By the way, how could the Taylor Swift thing and this be BOTH true causes of the so-called divorce? Don't listen to this trash.


Oh and umm cowboys and angels..you'll fake ass cowboys need not talk about hats and shit..not all cowboys wear the same cowboy hats nor boots nor hats nor boots ..it's all in the walk and talk that's how it's happening son


Hey Tim McGraw isn't gay he's a joker but not gay at all and Tim if you reading this I hope you and faith don't end you'll marriage over tabloids and to them band members you fired they're just fucking mad cause you kicked their asses to the curb they got mouths to tell you if you're going too far Tim I like you but I would've curse you out if you went to far but if it's a joke then it's a joke but for now on stop the homosexual jokes and still be a good prankster still ..your music is awesome and you're still good in my book fuck what these duck mouths gotta say




Well they do say that 10% of the population is gay so, you really never know. Either way, if that rumor is true, then I feel bad for all involved because it's horrible to and anguishing to live a lie a that for so long, and to lead your spouse on in such an obvious devious way. Lying never stopped a persons hurt and pain and neither did omitting.

@ Kimberly

So! It's come to this? Tim McGraw is gay? Well I want to go on record and say that is a lie. I made a pass at him in 2002 at a truck stop about ohhhh..... 45 miles southeast of Tupelo Mississippi! He didn't budge. I'm just kidding! Maybe it was 2012! So- lying & omitting & anguish & devious! WOW! That's a mouth full. It does make a person pause? Yeah..... To reevaluate ones motives is vital. To make a self "inventory" is also wise. The thing is, to risk hurting another is conceited in some way and to pretend you can deliver when "obstacles" and uncertainty are in play- well- that's when opportunity REARS ITS HEAD even if it's in an abstract form. I think McGraw along with others need to consider " not a retreat" but a pause that is if vanity can be overcome! Well! Now that I have provided enough "Gibberish" for the man in Stetson and maybe others, please allow to find a mirror! Then look in it! Busy day 2 Day!


a loser with a cowboy hat or cap is sort of yelling for audience who applause for him.

@ abe

F*Ck You! You are the loser. The Hollywod elites want to make everyone gay.

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