Tessanne Chin: The Voice Frontrunner Already?

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Is Tessanne Chin already the frontrunner to win The Voice? To hear Adam Levine tell it, yes. It's too soon to really tell, but there's no doubt she's got talent.

Adam made last night's biggest gain (see The Voice recap) as he lured Tessanne onto his team. The other three coaches turned their chairs as well.

The 28-year-old, an experienced reggae singer from Kingston, Jamaica, tore into Pink's “Try” with enough passion to make all four music stars take notice.

A former backup singer for reggae legend Jimmy Cliff (who sent her a good luck message), she blended raw emotion and technical skill. Take a look:

What do you think? Does she have what it takes to win The Voice? Or at least make it to the fifth season's final run of episodes? Share your comments below.


what did you think? Only women like her play the fiddle right!!

@ abe

Just to get your facts straight... Jamaica's population is less than 3 million and the entire Caribbean's population is more than 40 million... Stop upset mi spirit plus this doesn't include all the Jamaicans and Caribbean people around the world. Watch we win this haters :p


so will Usain be entering any layman's running contests as it seems to be ok for superstar professionals to enter shows like this and be 'discovered' love ya Ms Chin I really do but this is far from fair you're already an amazing professional artist with a discography of wonderful songs. This is for people who have not been discovered yet....or so the show pretends to be

@ seb

The Voice is not for amateurs that American Idol, this show is open to anyone, if you've been watching the past 4 seasons, you would have seen American singers who've sold gold records but havent gotten the recognition they need, enter and even not get a chair turned, so back off tessanne and just be amazed by her wonderful voice.

@ Kadz

I never knew the show was for "laymans" then why did'nt she disqualify during screening. If no talent but Rihanna can come to the US and make big money, whats so wrong with Tessanne who actually has a voice? Jus saying


WITHOUT A DOUBT!!! Tessanne is the bread an butta of this competition!!!


of course. she's amazing. im jamaican, so i know. u go Tessanne!!!

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