Teen Mom 3 Recap: Briana DeJesus Gives Devoin Austin the Boot

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“If you’re not going to step up and help, you need to get out of our daughter’s life.” - Briana DeJesus to baby daddy Devoin Austin on Teen Mom 3.

This week on MTV, the network's newest fab four continued to struggle with relationships and motherhood. In this case, it seemed like the former.

Sad as it is, it looks like the dads are packing up or moving out or getting downright thrown out of the girls’ lives and homes with alarming speed here.

Teen Mom 3 Cast Pics

What did all that mean for them, and for the girls? Read THG's recap!

Briana DeJesus explains to Devoin Austin that he has still not paid for anything he promised to, and her family notes that he has no skills with Nova.

It's like an awkward encounter with a stranger, not a child. Minus 100.

It's sad that Briana is already contemplating making it 18 years without this guy, but she seems confident she can get it done. She may not have a choice.

So Briana invites Devoin over to ask him not to be in his daughter’s life. Like at all. It goes poorly as Devoin uses Briana’s absent father as an excuse.

Briana’s mom curses him out and kicks him out, offended that he would say Briana grew up without a father. Plus 200. Stepping up had to be done.

After the explosive fight, Briana re-filed the order of protection against her baby daddy that she tried to serve him shortly after Nova was born, but dropped.

Probably for the best.

A police escort takes Briana and her family to Devoin’s house. Devoin accepts getting served, then goes and writes on Twitter, “I’M A FREE MAN!”

Minus 1,300 for that all-class move.

Mackenzie Douthit is worried when boyfriend Josh McKee decides that he wants to make his living at the rodeo again. It's a dangerous life and job.

“It’ll be a rough way, but the only way I know how,” Josh says.

Mackenzie takes her son Gannon to tumbling practice, and the cheerleader realizes that her body isn’t what it used to be before having her baby.

And she's a teenager! Imagine older moms ... Plus 100.

Mackenzie's cheerleading coach says that with the instability of rodeoing, Mackenzie will be forced to rely mostly on herself and not Josh McKee.

For a teen mom, that's a stark reality. Minus 200.

She is already finding out how expensive it is to raise her baby, nevermind the worrying about Josh getting hurt.

Josh falls on his head and gets disqualified, and also didn’t win any money. Mackenzie brings up with Josh the idea of a reliable side job. Plus 300.

Alex Sekella feels that Matt McCann ruined their living situation, leaving Alex’s mom distraught after working hard to make him feel at home in the basement.

Matt comes over to pick up his stuff in garbage bags when he makes the mistake of asking Arabella for kiss goodbye. That's when Alex goes NUTS.

Alex yells at her baby daddy, defending her choice to kick him out: “How am I making a bad decision, I’m taking a drug addict out of my daughter’s life!”

Alex's mom says she’s overreacting. Plus 200, because she is, yet she's not. Working hard to gain sole custody, she is doing what she does for her daughter.

Minus 100 for Alex's communication methods, but if she has to say he'll be lucky to be granted visitation rights if he’s homeless and using drugs?

There's probably a reason it's hard to communicate. Just saying.

Katie Yeager is getting overdraft notices from the bank, which must mean Joey Maes is falling back into old habits. And needless to say she is not happy.

“Molli will be freaking breastfed until she’s 5 because we have no money for groceries,” she bitterly says, and accuses him of wasting money on drugs.

“Pot is a drug, it makes you a drug addict,” Katie tells Joey. “No, pot is pot. It makes me a pothead,” Joey countered. Minus 700 for actually believing this.

Katie doesn’t want her daughter to have a drug addict dad like she did. Joey maintains that the only thing he hasn’t changed for Katie is pot smoking.

Pretty big thing if you can't get your life together, no?



I dont think filing an order of protection was the right thing to do(from what they showed)I feel he aint really coming around anyway so just ignore him.a child does need a father but if he aint stepping up hes just a doner,shes a good mom who aint out acting like alot of young&even older mothers do out drinking all the time&bringing their babys along for the ride(i grew up in that &its not good) i congragulate the women in the dejesus family for working together to raise their child,granddaughter&neice but i do think the mom needs to step back a bit(even tho i know its hard to see ur child go thru it&wanna lessen the hurt) she needs to work out her baby daddy issues with that douche without them around being protective.who knows ehat can happen if he dosnt always feel on the defence(guys are always like that mine did it the first yr of our sons life)moms usually have the mom thing down way b4 the dads do.i wish all the moms good luck.


Briana and her family are Major Drama Queens and if Devion had any sense he won't have any contact with Briana for the rest of the show and Forever


Katie is a joke cuz Joey hits her and she still didn't have sense enough to leave so don't complain about the reefer, I sure she already knew about that also and allows her daughter to be him and he's probably High

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