Taylor Swift "Shut the Eff Up" Remark Not About Harry Styles, Ed Sheeran Insists

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Taylor Swift's infamous "shut the f--k up" comment at the MTV Video Music Awards was not actually about Harry Styles, her friend Ed Sheeran says.

Taylor Swift VMA Cursing

Sheeran said in an interview that Swift's "STFU" remark, caught on camera as the One Direction singer was speaking, looked bad, but was not what you think.

It was not aimed at her ex, but at her best friend Selena Gomez, who said seconds earlier that she thought Miley Cyrus was going to win Best Pop Video.

In response to that comment, Sheeran says, Taylor Swift told her to "Shut the f--k up" as a means of saying Gomez will win the award (which she did).

Sheeran added that Swift came up to him after realizing this blew up online and explained what happened with Selena, noting that "I messed up."

So ... Taylor is not a vindictive ex, but rather a good friend?

Not as good for celebrity gossip, but better for society!

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She said sorry for my arm


I love selena your's songs and your's series in disney channel


Cuz we love rumors. How long have bffs Selena and Taylor been dating? Just give it a few more months.
Selena will break up with Taylor and then Taylor will write and sing a hate song about her ex Selena.

@ MaryDtn9

That is so funny ,could happen. I know that little face from Somewhere.Even if that comment was directed at Selena it was totally not classy to add that snarky remark re-thanking her 'inspiration' for the award.She did know,after all, that he was Trouble when he Walked in.


We should all stop assuming that we know other people. Jumping to conclusions and assumptions is never good. Thank you Ed for clearing this up :]


This article confirms what I believed right along. Love you, Taylor.


Thick is the jealousy when it comes to this girl. She can sing- that alone is more than most have to offer and believe it or not she can sing without holding her privates. Phony? No.... I'm guessing when you get a "foam finger" and run it up your ass.... That would qualify as phony or nasty or perverted or just plain ole attention craved. She behaves like a college kid and until she makes a sex tape or masturbates on stage or gets some fu*ked looking tattoo or feels it necessary to ear fu*k me about her political view or wears a stupid "Ballot" Dress.... I'm thinking I will even go out on a limb and say she is the only "5 Tool" artist out there.


Who really cares. This girl gets any more phoney, she might Implode. Understand her appeal to teens she behaves like she is 15.


He's just covering up for his friend Swift. When Selena was asked about what she said, she refused to answer angrily. Is that not a hint Twift did say what most people say she said?

@ ivan

@ivan, you moron you do realize Ed is also best friends with Harry. Why wouldn't you believe him? Oh and by the way why do you believe every thing the gossip say about Taylor but they only Lie about Your love Justine. DO YOU LIKE WOMEN? OR JUST 20YO BOYS?

@ ivan

No. You are just delusional arselicker of those bony talentless xfactor dropouts.

@ joe

I know they are friends but by saying this he could defend both Swift. Something Selena did not do-Selena angrily avoided the question. Why? I don't deny he could be right, but it is suspicious. Your nasty response shows you are totally lacking in class; you sound like a ghetto dope.

@ ivan

ivan-your take on this seems most logical & you tell that Creep
good man.

@ joe

Why so much hatred?


she really loves women........................Like Me, folks!!


Who the hell cares?