Source: Khloe Kardashian to End Marriage "Soon"

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Khloe Kardashian has dropped Lamar Odom's last name from her Instagram profile.

Up next, according to a new report, she will drop Lamar Odom altogether.

The couple, who has been married for over four years, scarcely speak and have been living separate lives for awhile, an insider tells Us Weekly, adding of what went down late last week:

"Her assistants packed up Lamar's clothes and dropped them off at his loft."

Just how bad have things gotten between Kardashian and Odom? This isn't just a trial separation, the source says. It's the beginning of the permanent end:

"She'll be the one who ends things, and it will be soon."

Khloe is reportedly feeling pressure from her mom to divorce Lamar, while Odom isn't exactly pleading his romantic case with the reality star.

He's refusing treatment for an allegedly hardcore drug habit and he's supposedly been cheating on his wife with a variety of women for months.

Neither Lamar nor Khloe have publicly addressed this rumors directly, relying instead on mysterious Instagram messages and very vague quotes. But the celebrity gossip world is watching and it's getting clearer by the day:

We probably should not make any celebratory plans for the couple's fifth wedding anniversary.


Feel very sorry for klhoe. She needs to do what ever is best for her


Sad for Khloe, she's the most sane down to earth one in the family, she deserves better. Shame on you Lamar : (


This comes as the biggest surprise of the year! Not! Who didn't see this coming. Kardashians always land on their feet, not so sure about Lamarr.


All this sturm und drang over another failed Hollywood marriage -- as if they're the first to experience this -- enough, already!!


Trust me, I'm no Kardasian fan, but my heart goes out to Khloe because I think she really loved Lamar. Sad when a man chooses drugs and other women instead of honoring his marriage vows.


Who cares? The whole Ktrash clan is so
worthless! Just go away!


She's just all torn up inside- cant you tell?




if not.............HE WILL!!

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