Scott Disick to Embark on Rap Career?!?

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Move over, Kanye West. There may soon be a new rapper in your quasi family.

Stopped by a TMZ cameraman late last week, Tyga was asked about his Keeping Up with the Kardashians confidant and made it clear just what the future held for Scott Disick.

"Scott's coming out with a new rap album," Tyga said.

He added that he'll be producing a few tracks on it.

No other details were offered, and it's unclear whether Tyga was being serious or not, but it's rather apparent just what name Disick should go with if he does take this occupational step.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet... Lil Douche!


hahahahahahahahahaha, THE LOSER RAPPING FAMILY WILL BE COMPLETE NOW, folks!!


make him go away!!!!! PLEASE!


I use to think that Scott was amusing and a bit on the loner side of life, but after he tweeted pictures of himself talking on the phone made of stacks of 100 dollar bills and had toilet paper made out of the same thing. We all know that this self indulgent pretentious jag off wouldn't even be there had any of the Kardashians been wealthy. Do you know where this fucker would be? He'd be selling health insurance to some poor schmuck in New York City while living in his parents garage next to the family Cadillac!" Bastard. I can't wait til he fucks up royal and gets kicked out of the Kardashian family Lamar Odem style.


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Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick
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