Sandy Schultz Outs Herself as Third Lamar Odom Mistress

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Sandy Schultz has come out as the third known mistress of Lamar Odom.

Although this 29-year old graduate student claims she was actually first.

In a damaging new interview with Star, Schultz says she met Odom at a West Hollywood nightclub way back in 2003. They then "dated solidly" for two years and "on and off for seven years after that."

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“I was very much in love with him,” Schultz says. “I loved his openness and his sexuality. My nickname for him was ‘Lam Lam,’ and to hear Khloe calling him that now is like a dagger through my heart.”

Over the past several weeks, Jennifer Richardson and Polina Polonsky have also claimed affairs with the reality/basketball star.

In 2006, Schultz says she left the U.S. and got engaged… yet when she returned, she and Odom made love at his Manhattan Beach residents.

“It didn’t bother him that I was engaged to someone else.”

But Schultz broke off her engagement in 2009 and took her relationship with Lamar public.

She recalls a party in August of that year in which she sat on Odom's lap in front of Kardashian, yet left early and was shocked to learn her boyfriend went home that evening with Khloe.

A month later, the two were married, a development that left Schultz "appalled and insulted."

Fast forward to March 2012. Schultz claims Odom called her and asked to see her in San Francisco. She agreed, the two met in a hotel room and "we just fell into each others’ arms, hugging and kissing," Schultz alleges.

Not long after, Odom told Schultz he was going out for a bit. 

“The bellman later handed me an envelope with $800 in twenties in it, but Lamar had already left," she says. "That was the last time I have spoken with him.”

Does she feel badly now? Exposing this long-term relationship while Khloe Kardashian is struggling in her marriage to Odom? Nope.

Khloe “didn’t care about breaking up me and Lamar,” Schultz says. “And now karma is coming back around.”

Between this, his purported crack problem and the drama with Polina (below), they've got a lot more than karma to worry about these days ...


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Will Khloe be the first Kardashian to test positive for HIV?

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