Robert Pattinson: Devastated, Angry Over Loss of Christian Grey Role?

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Robert Pattinson is one angry hunk.

Over rumors that Kristen Stewart wants to date Zac Efron? No. Well, maybe.

But the real source of the actor's alleged contention is him being passed over for the steamy, sought-after role of Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey.

And for Charlie Hunnam of all people!

Robert Pattinson in Sunglasses

"Rob was dying to play" this iconic part, an insider claims to The National Enquirer.

He's “angrily telling pals it’s one thing to lose this plum role to an established star, like, say, Channing Tatum, but to lose it to some unknown actor is downright insulting."

It's unclear, of course, whether Pattinson was even up for Christian, though Bret Easton Ellis claims he was author E.L. James' first choice to portray the lead male opposite Dakota Johnson's Ana.

Do you believe that Robert is pissed over his non-50 Shades casting?

Neither do we. But hey, it makes for fun speculation, doesn't it?

Would you have wanted to see him as Christian Grey?


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I don't think there is any way in hell that Rob wanted this role. He is not an attention whore, and wants to do indie films with interesting directors.


If it was true, hes got one hell of an ego. Before twilight, that bastard was nothing. If he truly said something like that, its him who should be ashamed of himself.

@ smexy

Didn't you notice it was The National Enquirer that was quoted as the source?! He never said that. He was never quoted as saying that. He has chosen far more interesting roles. He does not need this role. His name gets brought up time and again because the three books were based on the author's original Twilight fanfiction, and Christian Grey's name in that fanfiction was Edward Cullen. Please think first before you overreact like that. Makes you look like you have poorly veiled, nefarious intentions.


Given how much he hated Twilight & his character in that, I can't imagine he wanted to play the main character in Twilight fan fiction. He said that when he read Twilight he thought it was a sexual fantasy that should never have been published. 50 shades really is a sexual fantasy that should never have been published. Surprised they're still trying to go ahead with this movie. It was popular last year. By the time the movie comes out everybody will have moved on from the atrocity that is Twilight and 50 Shades. All the woman in love with these books need to take a step back and realise how degrading they are. They don't even portray BDSM accurately.


that is not true at all yes rob was the first choice but he didn't even wanted to play grey and if you actually look into it james is English just like Charlie and rob of course they would of gotten the part but it was the chemistry with the actress and the actor what made james choose Dakota nd Charlie , j


He did not want the role. EL James didnt crash his party for nothing. She wanted him bad, but they could not afford him or Ryan Gosling. GossipCop debunked this story 2 days ago. Not true. Rob has so many films in the works.


If Robert wants to further his career, he should do something to make people forget about his role in Twilight, not star in the movie adaptation of its fanfiction. I love Rob, but his career choices leave something to be desired.


I doubt Rob would call Charlie Hunam an unknown actor. Charlie is a star in his own right with a hit tv series and movies like pacific rim.

@ janie+c

He's not going to be a star after this comes out.

@ janie+c

I agree! I just hate this kind of rumours. And I don't think he would have wanted the part in it, because it is based on Twilight. That's also a reason why he shouldn't play it.


This is just BS. Rob Pattinson doesn't talk that way anywhere where people can hear him, His friend don't talk about Rob's private life. Rob Pattinson was offered this part e.l. james wanted him for this part. she wrote the part for him. He turned it down. Possible scheduling problems. Now stop trying to stir up trouble for him. He is way beyond a part like this and why would he want to be in another controversial part like Christian Gray. In this movie he would just have the paparazzi and tabs following him around again. He would have been great in the part. but again it would have type-casted him. and button holed him so that those were the only parts available to him. So stop lying and trying to BS us,we're not the fools you think we are.


.............but the Gay role is still free.


The book sucked and so will the movie so matter who stars in it.