Rihanna Glamour Cover: Photoshopped Much?

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Rihanna appears on the cover of Glamour this month. At least we think that's her. It's kind of hard to tell with this first ballot Photoshop Hall of Fame entry.

Rihanna Glamour Magazine Cover

While we often use the phrase "style chameleon" and Rihanna certainly fits the mold, most Rihanna photos in question are still unquestionably Rihanna.

This? We have no idea what this is.

It's half early Michael Jackson, half bad '80s movie, half bad editing. Yes. We realize those are three halves. It's just that bizarre of a cover, people!

Still, we're talking about a woman who can sell anything. Even this. The girl could wear a paper bag and still look fierce. It's all about the 'tude with her.

She's also not opposed to taking bold risks with her hair, which she sells effortlessly and fearlessly in this case, even if she quickly ditched the curls.

This cover was presumably shot during the fleeting Rihanna natural hair/curly mullet phase. Not one of her best, but something even she could pull off.

Bow down, THGers. Just bow down.

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I meant the author is definitely not black.


The author most definitely is not be black. Her hair is gorgeous (though most likely a wig). She looks her best with natural hair. Her face is quite photoshopped. But no more than any other stars. I think she looks incredible and love the eye makeup! But the short fro....rules!