Red Lobster Waitress Receives Racist Note on Receipt; Story Goes Viral

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Toni Christina Jenkins, a young Red Lobster waitress was the target of a racial slur left by a customer on a receipt, which she reported to management.

In the space for gratuity, the customer wrote “None, n**ger."

Christina showed the note to her boss, she says, and was assured she had done nothing wrong. But things changed when she posted it on Facebook.

The Franklin, Tenn., teen was only hoping for “some prayers and support,” her mom says, when she posted the hateful note on her Facebook page.

It went viral and sparked a great deal of outrage controversy, discussion, hoax theories and more racist comments. There were even reports she had been fired.

Toni graduated from high school a year early, her mother says, and is waiting tables to help put herself through medical school at Belmont University.

Monday, mom Tina Jenkins-Wilson told Radar that Red Lobster “let her go. They told her she could not return to work and that they were [investigating]."

"They didn’t tell her they were going to pay her. They didn’t say if they were going to punish the people that did it. They just said they were going to let her off.”

“It’s heartbreaking. She’s a nursing student who is trying to save up money so she can get back and forth to school. Waitressing is how she makes her money.”

UPDATE: The restaurant strongly refutes this.

A spokesperson for the restaurant tells THG: “Christina Jenkins has NOT been fired. In fact, she has not lost any days of work so far and is still scheduled to work this week as usual.”

“We are extremely disturbed by this situation and are currently investigating to determine exactly what happened. We take this extremely seriously."

"This kind of language is completely disgusting and has no place in our restaurant or anywhere else and we are committed to getting to the bottom of what happened as quickly as possible.”

That's very good to hear. In any event, it's unclear why the mom would be so confused or why the customer(s) left a note like that for the server.

Story developing ...

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I am not a waitress, so I wouldn't want your tip.


Yeah, that's real mature, Svetlana.


Blacks are the worst tippers ever!!! Cheap cheap.

@ Svetlana

Obviously Svetlana you have never had me as a customer OR else you are a lousy waitress who does not deserve a tip. Either way, that is not the point. The customers do not owe her a tip BUT they need to be civil , which by their racists comments, they are not!


NURSING school is not MEDICAL school. Clearly this family places very little emphasis on facts. I don't believe her, not one bit.


The only thing good about red lobster is their biscuits. Racial slurs are NEVER okay and it makes me sick that anybody would use them. It's 2013 why are there still racists inbreds losers in the world.

@ Krista

It's 2013 and I bet your ass is a darker shade than pale and you are one ur self.


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Why is it Red Lobster's responsibility to "get to the bottom of what happened as quickly as possible"? It's not like any of their employees wrote that. I mean, what exactly are they going to do? Find the person and ban them from their restaurant? Who cares, those cheese biscuits suck! And why is the mom accusing Red Lobster of firing their daughter? Seems like she was hoping they would so she could sue them. Moron.


Glad to see the update that she has not been fired. How was her mom so wrong / misquoted?


A. Red Lobster blows.
B. She deserved to get fired.


If I was the Boss, I would have fired her stupid ass on the spot- Why? Any given "Breaking News" reporter at my Restaurant or Journalist or Vandalism or protestors! Regardless of what someone wrote ( and all is see is an N) you would have to be a attention craved, sympathetic Seeking, Race Card person, to do something as posting it! Obviously she doesn't see the after effect of any RACE ALLEGATION! All she really has accomplished is making it difficult for herself to find another job and FACEBOOK made it all possible- STUPID STUPID!

@ Sims

Can we talk later say 11:00pm? If you've got (some) time? Please?

@ Sims

They blurred out the word on the receipt, calm the fuck down.

@ Alyssa

Ok-Thanks- now you can shut your fu*king MOUTH!