Polina Polonsky: Lamar Odom Totally Made Crack Pipes at My Place

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Lamar Odom's mistress "roommate" Polina Polonsky says the athlete definitely fashioned crack pipes at her place during the six weeks they lived together.

Recent photos of Odom purchasing Chore Boy scrubbing pads led us to believe he wasn't cleaning pots and pans, but making homemade crack pipes.

Now Polina Polonsky has basically confirmed as much.

Polina, as people who have followed Lamar's saga know, hooked up with Odom in June and July after meeting him at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.

He essentially moved into her apartment for six weeks after that, right around when reports of his estrangement from wife Khloe Kardashian began surfacing.

During that time, Polina says he was doing crack.

Chore Boy scrubbing pads were always laying around the apartment when the NBA star was there, she says, and not for the products' designed use.

She said she saw him multiple times using the pads to fashion homemade crack pipes, and that the place was "littered" with copper pad scraps.

Chore Boy boxes were a regular presence, too.

Polonsky, an attorney, says Odom's crack problem has gotten worse since Khloe confronted her and he peaced out, but he was on drugs then for sure.

Not a good sign for Lamar, whose whereabouts are currently unknown and who refuses to accept help for his obvious issue from Khloe or anyone else.

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What does the color of ones skin have to do with the poisin people bombard their bodies with.


What does the color of ones skin have to do with the poisin people bombard their bodies with.


One you go crack you never come back rip Whitney Houston


Why on earth would an ATTORNEY allow someone to shack up in their house and then proceed to do DRUGS in their home?????......hmmmm.....maybe she needs to be drug tested too. Hope no one is actually countying on her for legal advise!


The 3 of them are not about shit. Poplina has seen more dick than a floor urinal at Yankee stadium. Odom is born to be a crackhead just like his daddy. Khloe is a bank account away from being Poplina. A rich trash slut and the 3 of them make quite the trio.


If, in fact, Lamar does have a drug problem, then he is self distructing
Even the lower basketball teams won't go near him....
Khloe is moving on..Besides KWTK, and other t.v. commitments, she will hurt for a while but will not let Lamar pull her down.. One needs
funds, but funds to live the life of drugs, she won't support those habits.
Khloe has become a beautiful young woman, who gave so much love
for Lamar.
Lamar is questioning if he deserves her and his fame. They should
take counciling like Kourtney and Scott...
All married couples should.


That makes 18 million and 1 black crackheads.


Hey I am big fan if Justin Bieber he is cute I wish he had a performance here in Fayetteville I love him


anal seks still can't be discussed.


Crack rocks. Lamar Odom. Synonymous.