Polina Polonsky Confirms Lamar Odom Crack Use, Describes Khloe Kardashian as "Uncaged Animal"

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Lamar Odom definitely has a problem with crack cocaine and the NBA star's estranged wife Khloe Kardashian might wanna work on her anger issues.

So says Polina Polonsky in an explosive interview with TMZ, during which she:

  • Confirms Odom's hardcore drug use and says she witnessed him doing crack.
  • Details an attack by Khloe Kardashian in which the reality star showed up at her apartment and came at her like an "uncaged animal."
  • Never actually admits to an affair with Lamar, instead referring to him as her "best friend," who she even asked to do some legal work for her.
  • Actually claims Lamar would not have spiraled out of control if he were living with her and using crack on a more limited, recreational basis.
  • Says she is "100% confident" that Khloe used Odom's phone to call her a crack head.

Watch the full interview she gave below on all of these topics and more and decide whether you believe Polina Polonsky's scandalous assertions:


Wow - she has AN AWFUL LOT TO SAY ON RECORD considering she is an "attorney"! (Was this info ever "confirmed"??!) Not many attorney's I know would admit to hanging out with a MARRIED NBA CRACK-HEAD and basically admits doing it "recreationally" (crack)! Are u kidding????! And I agree Khloe is angry -- she has ALWAYS been a "hot head"! Come on!


I would act like an uncaged animal too if you were taking advantage of my husband's sickness. You knew he was married. How dare she talk like anyone else other than herself was in the wrong.Everything Khloe did is completely justified and if she were any kind of friend at all to Lamar she would have helped Khloe get him some help!!!!!!!

@ maureen lopez

And I agree w Maureen! Had she been A REAL FRIEND she would have gotten him HELP - not "fed the tabloids"!!


This woman is an attorney. You think she would have better judgment than to be hanging out and taking advantage of a bad situation. Cmon,Polina! You knew he was married. Had they gotten a separation or divorce. Well then everyone would of known. And of course Khloe has anger issues. What idiot can't figure that Khlie is torn,hurt, and oves Lamar

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