Parents Giving Away Adopted Children Online, New Investigation Reveals

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A Reuters and NBC investigation revealed an Internet subculture in which parents "re-home" or give away adopted kids they no longer want.

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    I think it is terrible that adoptive parents must turn to the internet for relief in an unfortunate situation with their child. More resources need to be made available to to those dealing with children with "issues." If the parent feels they can no longer parent a child they have adopted, instead of forcing them to continue on as a parent, which could lead to disaster for the parent & the child, the parents need to be able to safely hand those children over to child protective services without question. Rather than judge the parents, we should be thinking of the child's best interest. It's easy to place blame & judge someone, but it doesn't solve the problem, which is how can an adoptive parent safely surrender a child they are unable to parent? All controversy aside, the child's wellbeing & how that can be acheived in an appropriate & easier manner through support from child protective services is what should really be discussed. As it stands, CPS will not take a child unless their is evidence of physical abuse or neglect.......thus kids being offered up on the's sickening.


    This is a breeding ground for sex offenders and pedophiles. How awful. These people know they take a chance with adoptions and the kids they aren't perfect.


    All the more reason to encourage & provide free birth control. Fewer unwanted pregnancies, fewer situations like these. What a shame. (I wonder if biological birth parents get wind of this practice, how many would participate in this re-homeing...)

    @ zita

    I agree. They make it hard to get birthcontrol for women.


    So incredibly sad. These "parents" have a special place in hell waiting for them. It's too damn bad their Downy commercial expectations of parenthood didn't pan out. They had to know they were risking getting kids with issues... Guess the whole "it won't happen to us, we're too perfect" mentality obliterated common sense. Any of these people caught trying to wash their hands of these defenseless kids should be charged with child cruelty, child endangerment, and a felony charge of utter stupidity. (Made that last one up;))


    I am originally from Russia, but live in Canada. A while ago, when Russia passed the adoption law, not allowing americans to adopt russian kids, everyone viewed is a political tactic, an anti-Magnitsky bill. Everyone in North America was furious over this, when in fact that was the story pushed by the western media, a form of anti-russian propaganda. What nobody seemed to know about, was how neglected many of the adopted kids were. There were at least 19 deaths(leaving kids in cars in summer, starvation), and the Russian adoption agencies had no way to keep track of the kids well-being once the were on the American soil. Although there are many great people that make great parents, and adopt for all the right reasons, many do not. A lot of parents who end up seeking for a child internationally, were rejected by US adoption agencies in first place. Although its terrible that less kids are getting adopted in russia, at least there not being offered off like pets on the internet.

    @ russki

    Thanks for the educated info - I think when it comes to kids from anywhere (Russia, China, USA, etc.), if they are not currently in a life-threatening situation then it is always better to err on the side of caution. The trafficking of children is very real, and as offensive as the Russian government's actions may have seemed from the outside, if it was necessary to protect the children then it is worth it.

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