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Harry Connick Jr. is in. Jennifer Lopez is returning. And Randy Jackson will never go away.

Following weeks of speculation and near-casting decisions, Fox has confirmed the Season 13 roster for American Idol:

Keith Urban will join Connick and Lopez at the judging table, while Ryan Seacrest will once again host and Randy Jackson will take over for Jimmy Iovine as in-house mentor.

In a statement, Kevin Reilly - Chairman of Entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Company - explained the moves:

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Friends' David Schwimmer is not being welcomed with open arms in New York City's East Village, where a neighbor left a hilarious graffiti insult for him.

An unknown tagger took to the construction zone outside of Schwimmer's newly built mansion on East 6th Street left him a spray-painted note. It reads:

"Ross Is Not Cool."

To make the target even more obvious, the reference to his Friends character, Ross Geller, also includes an arrow drawn beside it pointing to the actor's home.

The latest sign of tension between Schwimmer and his neighbors was photographed last week by a passerby before workers painted over the tag.

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You just returned to work after a three-day weekend.

You want to ease back into it, not read about Lamar Odom's cocaine habit or debate your colleagues over the major Fifty Shades of Grey casting news from yesterday.

We get it. You crave simple cuteness this morning, right? Allow us to oblige in that case, via the following home video of a mini French Bulldog trying to get a Great Dane off the couch for a walk.

What happens when tiny animal meets enormous pet? Find out now!

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Dennis Rodman is back in North Korea. The NBA Hall of Famer is making a second trip to the rogue nation helmed by his "friend for life" Kim Jong Un.

The purpose of The Worm's return is somewhat unclear, but he says he will NOT try to negotiate the release of an American held by Kim's regime since 2012.

"I'm not going to North Korea to discuss freeing Kenneth Bae," Rodman told media in Beijing. "I'm just going there on another basketball diplomacy tour."

"I just want to meet my friend Kim, the marshal, and start a basketball league. I have not been promised anything. I am just going there as a friendly gesture."

"I'm just going over there to have a good time and try to bridge the gap."

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For the first time since shocking the world via foam finger, nude-colored underwear and a whole lot of Twerking, Miley Cyrus has spoken out on her MTV Video Music Awards performance.

Having already Tweeted a self-congratulatory note about the response on social media, Cyrus confirmed to MTV that she wasn't aiming to impress last Sunday ... but merely to be remembered.

Miley and Robin

"I don't pay attention to the negative because I've seen this play out so many times," said the singer, explaining that she and Robin Thicke continually remarked that they were set to make "history."

She added, "How many times have we seen this play out in pop music?"

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She typically reports the news, but now Katie Couric is the news:

This former CBS anchor and current talk show host is engaged!

The journalist's rep confirms to People that Couric accepted the romantic proposal of boyfriend John Molner over the weekend, as he popped life's most pressing question in East Hampton during sunset.

John Molner and Katie Couric

Molner - the head of mergers and acquisitions at Brown Brothers Harriman - and Couric went public with their relationship in April of last year.

Couric, whose husband died in 1998 of colon cancer, recently made headlines for getting into a beef with Kim Kardashian.

But that's in the past and a life with the man she loves is in her future. We send our best wishes to this couple!

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Brandi Glanville says she’s not making up the story about LeAnn Rimes wanting her to be on the latter's reality show, and claims Rimes' denials are all lies.

  • Brandi Glanville Sunglasses
  • LeAnn Rimes Sunglasses

Her ongoing LeAnn Rimes Twitter feud was reignited last week after she said the country singer and Eddie Cibrian asked her to be on their show.

Brandi Glanville publicly claimed she shot the couple down, Tweeting that “I am laughing sooooooo hard at the offer that just came into my agent."

Rimes, and a source quoted by celebrity gossip site Radar Online, claimed the opposite, insisting that Brandi's people first approached Eddie and LeAnn.

The couple had ZERO interest in including Brandi in their “scripted reality show" for VH1, the insider said, and did not even respond to the inquiry.

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In an interview with Radar Online, an anonymous insider - described by the site as a "Mr. Fix It" type in New York - gives a detailed account of Lamar Odom's ongoing drug habit.

According to this individual, the NBA star "likes to party," is a "pretty nice guy" and his preferred method of drug inhalation is to freebase cocaine.

“In my experience, he literally likes cocaine," the man says.

"He is a cocaine guy. He likes to smoke it."

Earlier reports have also connected Odom to cocaine.

Other sources claim he also dabbles in crack, Ambien and Oxycontin, though this insider says he has no knowledge of those other substances as they relate to Lamar.

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Jenna Shea claims she is the call girl - webcam girl, if you will - who engaged in sex with reality star Steve Ward to get on his VH1 show Tough Love.

“I need to be on ur show BAD,” she wrote to him in August 2012. “google me i emailed already and you never put on any girls who are known u should”

His response: “As a professional ‘web cam girl’ I can tell u, you deserve fast track, priority, front row seating for #toughlove @iamjennashea. #respect”

Throughout the fall, Jenna continued to stay in contact, writing. “@stevenbward let’s do it let me kno [sic] when your [sic] casting I need #toughlove”

On October 12, they had their most flirty exchange to date. Jenna asked Ward, “What does my avi say about me? lol” regarding her Twitter profile pic.

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We have another breastfeeding controversy on our hands.

No, another naked mother isn't practicing Yoga while providing her child with nutrients. Nor has Hollie McNish released a new poem defending the public practice.

But a woman in China has been cited by police after being caught with her nipple out and her 18-month old son's mouth afixed to it... while speeding around town on a moped. Probably not the safest move possible for all involved.

Check out photos from the incident and learn more in this video:

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