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Quick note to the Kardashian family:


A day after Kendall Jenner took selfies behind the wheel, Scott Disick, Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian and a newly blonde Kim Kardashian recorded themselves singing along to "Hold On We’re Going Home."

Who cares that Khloe was speeding along the highway while turning to the camera? There's a deal with Keek on the table here, folks!

Sigh. Shake your head. And watch the latest video now:

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During her first day as co-host of The View, Jenny McCarthy encountered a major Twerking problem: her long, tight dress.

But Nicole Scherzinger took to the beach this week with friends (sorry, with #TeamTwerkCakes) and had no such wardrobe issue, attempting the latest dance craze in a bikini and popping her booty with extreme, sexy success.

Yes, the singer is on fire in the following video, though not the kind where we need Jimmy Kimmel to rush in and save the staged day.

Watch now and take notes, people. THIS is how you Twerk in a swimsuit:

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A mom in Australia, who wishes to remain anonymous, is nevertheless making headlines after claiming she was denied free hospital food because she isn't nursing.


The mother of three recently says she was shocked when she accompanied her five-month-old son to the pediatric ward, where he was treated for a lung infection.

When the staff was made aware that she wasn't breastfeeding, they informed her she could have some toast, but beyond that, she'd have to pay for any food.

That, she says, is not the case for mothers who nurse.

"Because you're not breastfeeding, you won't get meals here," the mom, who says she had to leave her son alone to go get some food, was told.

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Anna Elena Ochoa, a 26-year old mother of three in Arizona, has been arrested and charged with child abuse after admitting to police that she held her very young son over an electric stove top.

Authorities were alerted to aggressive behavior by Ochoa via an anonymous call to Child Protective Services on Thursday and arrived to find a badly burned two-year old boy.

Anna Ochoa Mug Shot

According to Maricopa County sheriff's deputies, Ochoa admitted at the scene to growing frustrated with her son because he wet himself while she was getting ready for work and, in response, she removed his clothing and held him over a hot burner.

Ochoa said the boy never made contact with the burner.

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The men of Teen Mom 3 are not impressing us so far.

The second episode of the young season featured Joey Maes blowing up at Katie Yeager. Last night? It was Matt McCann losing it on Alex Sekella.

Anger issues, guys. Time to get a handle on them.

Come along for THG's official +/- TM3 recap ...

Matt McCann, Alex Sekella

Alex, like all the other 16 & Pregnant turned Teen Mom 3 stars, has been forced to grow up fast, but her relationship with toxic Matt is holding her back.

She caught Matt texting another girl. Minus 50.

Alex blew up at him, which was understandable but just made matters worse. Minus 50 because you can't change people like this. Just yourself.

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Sorry, folks. But he is no longer The Man With The 132-Pound Scrotum.

Wesley Warren, the star at the center of what many believed to be a nauseating TLC special last month, appeared yesterday on The Doctors and shocked the audience... with a regular-sized scrotum!

Thanks to surgeon Joel Gelman, who was on hand for the episode and who removed excess tissue from Warren's testicles, the much-maligned reality star joked that he feels a lot "lighter" and then went into detail about his former condition.

Watch the interview with Warren now and be grateful that your eyes are no longer drawn to his unusually large crotch:

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A naked Miley Cyrus rides around on a wrecking ball in her video for the aptly-titled "Wrecking Ball."

But while the focus of most viewers have been on the 20-year old's bare breasts and exposed bottom, a source says that those on set were most shocked and impressed by Miley's eyes.

Specifically, the tears that flowed freely from them.

Miley Cyrus on VEVO

Even though Miley Cyrus was happy and in a good mood, "it only took like two seconds for her to start crying," an insider tells Hollywood Life.

"When [director Terry Richardson] wanted her cry, he told her to think about losing Liam and boom, she went from happy to breaking down."

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Give credit where credit is due.

After seeing last Friday's viral Twerking fail video, in which a girl was knocked over and set herself on fire, we suspected something might be amiss.

Who was the mystery girl involved? Why does the video stop so abruptly at that moment? How the heck does that possibly happen to someone in general?!

Still, it was convincing enough that we bought it ... even though it was all a prank courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live and a professional stuntwoman. Watch:

Kimmel began a segment Monday night as if it were a real "interview" with Caitlin Heller, the Twerking video star. But then he revealed the truth.

Jimmy and Daphne (Caitlin's not even her name) put this on YouTube and let the Internet work its magic, and did it ever. Job very well done, guys.

Kimmel says he hopes this will put an end to Twerking once and for all, though that still doesn't solve the problem of the Miley Cyrus "Wrecking Ball" video.

Here's the original, viral Twerking fail video we ran like everyone else:

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Ray may have hit it first, but Kanye West aimed for the last laugh yesterday.

The artist performed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Monday and took direct aim at the man who actually released a single earlier this year that chronicled his role in the Kim Kardashian sex tape.

Taking the stage with The Roots and Charlie Wilson, Kanye changed up the opening lyrics to "Bound 2," rapping for viewers: “Brandy’s little sister lame man he know it now/When a real brother hold you down you ‘sposed to drown."

In case you are wondering: No, Brandi does not have any siblings aside from Ray J.

Watch and listen now:

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Harry and Lloyd are prepared to throw a few more shrimps on the Aspen barbie.

With rumors having run rampant for months regarding a Dumb and Dumber sequel, Jim Carrey confirmed that the project is definitely moving forward yesterday, posing a close up of his character's infamous chipped tooth on WhoSay.

The actor added as a caption: "GESS HUUZ BAK BICHEZ?"

Teeth Pic

After Warner Bros. dropped the sequel this summer, all hopes fan had of Carrey and Jeff Daniels reprising their beloved, idiotic roles seemed lost.

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