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Tina Fey returned to Saturday Night Live last night for its season opener, and to the surprise of no one, stole the show at her old NBC stomping grounds.

"How am I going to demand the best table at subway if I don't have a TV show?" Fey deadpanned of her SNL encore during a classic opening monologue.

In addition to poking fun at the Tina Fey nipple slip from the Emmys, the opening routine also channeled Miley Cyrus Twerking and much more. Watch:

On an episode that featured an Aaron Paul cameo and six new cast members, the star of the show was still Fey, who was a fixture on SNL for nine years.

The comedienne took on the HBO show Girls, joining the core four as Blerta, the girl from Albania with a rubber hand and OCD (Old Cow Disease):

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Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul made a cameo on Saturday Night Live last night in a season-opening faux press conference by President Barack Obama.

On the eve of the Breaking Bad finale, and with Affordable Care Act health care exchanges set to open Tuesday, Paul made a heartfelt pitch for Obamacare.

Or Jesse Pinkman did, we should say. Take a look (4:25):

Paul, as his Emmy-winning character, described how a certain friend of his in New Mexico could have benefited from Obama's signature legislation.

Because there was no Obamacare, Jesse's unnamed friend was forced to undergo drastic measures to pay for his treatment and provide for his family:

Cooking massive amounts of meth and murdering people.

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With tensions rising in a WNBA playoff game between the Phoenix Mercury and Minnesota Lynx, Phoenix star Diana Taurasi made a surprising move.

She kissed Minnesota's Seimone Augustus on the cheek.

Taurasi's Mercury were being clobbered by the Lynx in the Western Conference Finals opener when the two All-Stars appeared to exchange heated words.

There was some pushing and shoulder checking, but before officials could separate Taurasi and Seimone, the former unexpectedly planted a kiss on the latter.

Both players, who have known each other for years and were teammates on the U.S. women's national team, were issued personal fouls on the play.

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How will it end for Walter White on the Breaking Bad finale? Regardless, he will go down as one of the best TV characters on one of the best shows of all time.

Since its unheralded inception in 2008, the AMC drama has arguably been the best drama ever, and unlike its protagonist Walt, it's only gotten better with age.

Tonight's swan song has become a wildly anticipated TV event in part because we've known for so long that the end is near for the drama, and for Walt.

Creator Vince Gilligan set out with the premise of turning Mr. Chips into Scarface, and that vision has been unyielding through five seasons and 61 episodes.

There have been few, if any, convoluted tangents, plot holes or unneeded melodramatic twists. Just one riveting, ongoing and impeccably produced journey.

We saw Bryan Cranston's Walt at the beginning of that vision, and after his rapid rise and fall from meth lord grace, tonight we will see him at its end.

The only thing left to do is fill in the blanks. Does Walt die? And how?

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Another day, another take on the Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball."

But this one isn't a hedgehog parody.

Instead, it's a legitimately impressive version of the singer's number-one smash and it comes to us from British artist James Arthur. The Middlesbrough is accompanied below by only a piano - and his own terrific vocals - as he puts a unique spin on Miley's latest single.

And he does it while remaining clothed and not licking a single sledgehammer. Watch now:

Arthur isn't the first crooner to take on "Wrecking Ball."

Take a look now at a variety of Miley Cyrus covers and tributes.

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Chris Brown has offered his unsolicited advice on Kanye West's paparazzi woes, and he does speak from experience when it comes to public displays of range.

If you missed it, Kanye exploded at paparazzi outside his house at 4 a.m. Friday, the latest in a string of dustups he's had with aggressive cameramen.

What does Chris should do about the recurring problem?

  • Chris Brown Lookin' Ridic
  • Kanye West vs. Photographer

Simple: "Hire some security or some street niggas to take care of the bullshit so u not explaining Yaself," Chris advised Kanye via Twitter.

That Tweet has since been deleted, but this observation is still up:

"I hate how the media makes us look like aggressive animals. On some real shit If those cameras on ya property that means its trespassing," he said.

"$hit ain't cool!"

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Heather Morris of Glee gave birth to a baby boy on Saturday. His name is Elijah!

This is the first child for the Beyonce backup dancer turned actress Morris and her longtime love, Taylor Hubbell, whom she met in high school.

Taylor Hubbell, Heather Morris

Speaking about Hubbell in 2011, she gushed, "I want to marry Taylor and have kids with him. I love acting, but if it affects my relationship, then I won't continue."

That said, the Heather Morris' pregnancy was a happy accident.

"It was totally unexpected, but they are incredibly happy and excited," a source said.  "Heather is glowing! She is so happy. She is really excited to be a mom.

"She is just amazed by the whole experience."

Congrats to Heather and Taylor Hubbell!

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Welcome to When Animals Attack, Part 2.

A couple days after a photo hit the Internet of an eagle attacking a deer, video footage has surfaced of a jaguar first stalking a caiman and then devouring its prey for a quick, hearty afternoon snack.

The incident went down in Brazil's Pantanal wetlands and was filmed by National Geographic.

In the video, we can see the feline calmly walking along the riverbank, quietly biding his time before delving into the water… crossing the river.. and sneaking up on the caiman.

The attack lasts mere seconds, as the jaguar easily gobbles up the reptile. Watch now:

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There were protests. There was controversy. And, in the end, there was a new winner of the Miss World pageant.

With many Muslims in Bali, Indonesia taking issue with so much skin being shown on stage, Megan Young of the Philippines was crowned Miss World 2013 today.

The United States native moved to her current country of residence when she was 10 years old and has appeared there as a television host.

Overall, 127 contestants vied for the title of Miss World, with Miss France (Marine Lorphelin) and Miss Ghana (Carranzar Naa Okailey Shooter), finishing second and third, respectively.

"No words!" Young said after her victory and after receiving her crown from the 2012 champion, Yu Wenxia. "Thank you so much for everyone for choosing me. I promise to be the best Miss World ever."

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Melissa Gorga has responded to critics of her new, controversial book.

With many readers believing the reality star is advocating some form of marital rape - due to a passage written by husband Joe in which he tells men that their wife "wants to be taken" - Gorga tells E! News:

"That word [rape] is so disgusting to me and that's horrible.

Melissa and Joe both talk about women being subordinate to their men in "Love Italian Style," yet Melissa says critics are taken their words out of context.

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