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Kim Kardashian has officially come out of hiding.

The reality star was spotted in Paris over the weekend alongside Kanye West, touching down in the city without daughter North West in order to enjoy Fashion Week.

They attended the Givenchy fashion show yesterday, with Kim donning a very revealing outfit as she and her man made their way throughout the streets of France.

The trip appears to be going well, which is more than can be said for how Kim and Kanye began their vacation.

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Amanda Bynes has bolted from UCLA Medical Center, where she'd been residing, for a rehab center across the county which has no psychiatric facilities.

What is going on here?


The actress, 27, was being treated for severe mental illness at UCLA, but is now living at a fancy Malibu rehab center that caters to celebrities instead.

It's shocking, really, because according to TMZ, the facility does not have the psychiatric facilities available at UCLA, and Amanda Bynes is in a desperate state. 

Even more incredibly, she was under a special hold, called an LPS, which her doctors were granted because they were so concerned about her well being.

It had been speculated she might remain there until next year or even 2015.

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Lamar Odom has reportedly cut off his estranged father's rent following Joe Odom's public and wholly negative comments about the Kardashians.

The troubled basketball star called his father last week regarding the comments Joe made about the Kardashians and Lamar's woes, and was PISSED.

Lamar knows he has real issues, but Joe knows nothing about them, he said in a Tweet praising his in-laws and blaming his own dad for his downfall.

In any case, he's had enough now and won't be helping him out any longer.

Joe Odom claims his son, with whom he has a turbulent history, has been paying his rent for the past four years or so, to the tune of $2,900 a month.

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It's "Salon, Farewell" as The Real Housewives of New Jersey wrap up their season as everyone gathers at the salon. We recap the fighting and scary faces in our THG + or - review.

And what kind of finale would it be without Kim D's scowling face?

What's So Scary?

Apparently the woman who resembles the crypt keeper scares Joe and Teresa Giudice too? Plus 20.

But it's Penny and Teresa who go at it first. Since Penny is claiming Teresa texts her, Teresa wants to see the texts. Plus 12 because for once Teresa makes a perfectly reasonable request. 

Unfortunately Penny tells her, "I don't save my texteses." Or was that I don't save Texas? Minus 18. My Jersey Housewives translator must be on the fritz.

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At one point on the Breaking Bad series finale, Walter White breaks into his estranged wife's new home and tells her he's there for a "proper goodbye."

Which, of course, begs the question:

Did the program many consider to be the best in television history send itself off this week with a proper goodbye?

In our opinion? Yes, if you were looking for a finale that represented what made the drama so terrific in the first place; no, if you were seeking a jaw-dropping twist or bombshell of some kind.

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With a new season of red Sharpie marks and haute coutoure dresses, Revenge season 3 is back! New to the show this season? Justin Hartley.

Just what drama will another summer in the Hamptons bring? Read our recap below to find out! (And be sure to check out the Revenge review for a more in-depth discussion of the premiere.)

Victoria and Son
  • Time to Swim: In the opening sequence, Emily, in a wedding dress, drinking champagne, gets shot twice in the stomach and falls into the ocean. And then she wakes up poolside in New York City. Dream? Flash-forward? Who knows? Not me.
  • The Prodigal Son: While everyone else has been everywhere else, Victoria spent the hiatus in the Hamptons with her long lost son Patrick. They rode horses. She played piano. Charlotte called her Lady Chatterly and Oedipus jokes abound.

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It's a good week for Daniel Gillies.

The actor stars in The Originals, which premieres this Thursday night, and now he's the excited new father of a baby girl!

Daniel Gillies and Rachel Leigh Cook

"it's a girl. the tiny new empress of my everything. she's immaculate. we're delirious," Gillies Tweeted this afternoon, announcing the news.

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Kanye West's volatile nature and history of trouble with the paparazzi could end up playing a role in the battery case currently pending against him.

The L.A. City Attorney, who charged him with battery and attempted grand theft, believes the rapper's first instinct is to be confrontational and violent.

Kanye allegedly assaulted a photographer and tried to steal his camera at LAX July 19. It wasn't the first such incident with West ... nor was it the last.

In fact, there are at least four other such cases prosecutors may use to to prove their point as they look to punish combustible Kanye for the behavior.

Under California law, a judge will allow prosecutors to show "prior bad acts" if they're relevant to the case. Officials say these cases very much are:

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Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2? More like cloudy with a chance of $35 million, as the animated hit is forecasted to chow down on its box office competition.

When final figures come in Monday, the inevitable sequel to the 2009 hit is expected to coast to the top of the charts at theaters in its opening weekend.

The debut met most analysts' expectations and ends September, a normally sluggish month at the box office, on a flourish for the movie industry.

Even if reviews were mixed on the sequel, critics agree that its success illustrates the hunger families have for something compelling to see with kids.

So much so that it thrashed two films many believe to be early awards contenders, Ron Howard's racing thriller Rush and Hugh Jackman's crime drama Prisoners.

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Just call her America's Next Top Mother.

Lisa D'Amato and her husband welcomed a baby boy into the world yesterday, with the former America's Next Top Model All-Stars winner posting the good news on her Instagram page.

"My baby boy Daxel Vaughn Friedman is born," she wrote. "He is 7pds 2oz and he is perfect! I'm in love."

Lisa D'Amato Baby Bump

In May, D'Amato told E! News that she wasn't exactly enamored by her expecting state.

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