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Taylor Swift is in a very good place these days.

And, no, that place does not include the arms of anyone famous.

In the latest issue of Glamour UK, Swift doesn't mention any well-known exes (Harry Styles, Joe Jonas, John Mayer) by name, but she does shoot down the notion of having "deal-breakers" in order to date someone.

  • Taylor Swift Glamour UK Cover
  • Taylor Swift for Glamour UK

"If you have enough natural chemistry with someone, you overlook every single thing that you said would break the deal," Swift tells the publication.

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Hey, did you hear that Breaking Bad ended last night?

No, really, in case you've been residing under a rock for the past few weeks, the AMC drama aired its series finale on Sunday, an episode as hyped and as promoted as any in recent memory.

Did it live up to expectations? Decide for yourself and grade the episode now.

Did it nearly break the Internet? Yes, as lay people and famous folks around the country Tweeted up a storm in reaction to "Felina." Check out the following video now for some celebrity reaction and then scroll down for more...

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Facebook may print money for Mark Zuckerberg and his cohorts, but as far as popularity among younger users go, it's seen some declines of late.

Once the hip, cutting-edge social network for college kids and teens, the Facebook has become more of a forum for moms, dads and even grandparents.

Using it to embarrass their family members, intentionally or not, the older folks are driving away the site's initial users - often in hilarious fashion, at least.

If you're wondering why "kids these days" prefer Instagram, Vine, Tumblr and SnapChat over Facebook, it might be because of status updates like this ...

Facebook Fail 2

Very well played, dad. Father figures are always there to keep you in line with a smart-ass comment ... or by recreating your douchey selfies:

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Is the rivalry already over?

Just a couple days after going off on Jimmy Kimmel for a sketch the talk show host ran that made fun of his BBC Radio 1 interview, Kanye West has deleted all traces of this feud.

The rapper had taken extreme issue with Kimmel mocking him as arrogant and childish, Tweeting up a storm on Thursday that called the comedian out for his ugly face and for the lack of "good pussy" in his life.

Sorry. But that's what Kanye said.

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Mary Jane Jarman, a mom jogging with her eight-month-old son in a stroller in New York City, fought off a would-be attacker with a bike pump last Friday.

The 33-year-old was jogging on the Hudson River Greenway near Manhattan's Henry Hudson Parkway and 190th Street when she was accosted.

A strange man jumped out from a behind a wall holding a broken glass bottle, she recalled, and menacingly telling her to "Come here, come here."

Jarman began to run for her life, making it about 100 yards down the path before he grabbed her in a bear hug and took her down to the ground.

Her baby stroller was knocked over in the process, but Jarman fought back. After hitting him over the head with the tire pump, she sent him packing.

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An elephant has once again broken the heart of the Internet.

A few weeks after cameras caught a baby elephant crying because his mother tried to stomp on him, a photo has surfaced of one of these animals in Africa standing over her deceased friend.

Elephant Mourns Deceased Friend

According to photographer John Chaney - who snapped the image as part of the 2012 National Geographic Traveler photo contest - the female stood guard over the corpse of her fellow creature for hours, chasing off birds and predators and eventually wrapping her trunk around her pal's tusk.

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Glee actress Heather Morris and her longtime boyfriend Taylor Hubbell became parents over the weekend, welcoming their first-born son Elijah.

A first look at little Elijah swaddled in a blanket emerged online shortly after Heather Morris gave birth, courtesy of Taylor's brother Adam. Take a look!

The picture shows the little one, not even 48 hours old, sleeping peacefully on his bed. "The newest Mr. Hubbell #sayuncle," the proud uncle wrote.

Taylor Hubbell moved in with Heather Morris, his high school sweetheart from Arizona, in L.A. right after he graduated from the University of Louisiana in 2012.

"He just finished school. He's moving in with me," the former Beyonce Knowles backup dancer said during a Late Show appearance a year ago.

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Word to Miley Cyrus, yo.

In light of this 20-year old singer getting a Rolling Stone tattoo on the bottom of her feet, Vanilla Ice has taken to Twitter and showed off his fresh ink: The words "Miley Cyru$" etched on the bottom of his hoofers.

"WORD TO YOUR MOTHER !" the rapper wrote as a caption to the following image, adding "LMAO!"

Is there any chance this ink is actually permanent? We doubt it. But at least Vanilla made us LOL for a couple minutes.

Vanilla Ice Tattoos

Miley actually reference this artist in her interview with Rolling Stone, using Vanilla Ice as a cautionary tale in offering advice to Justin Bieber.

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Courtney Robertson isn't the most beloved girl to take part on The Bachelor. Okay, she's one of the least beloved. But boy, was she ever talked about!

Perhaps not surprisingly (except for the fact that we expected it to happen earlier), the MODEL is penning a tell-all book about her time on the series.

Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson Picture

Courtney Robertson won The Bachelor star Ben Flajnik's hand in marriage in 2011, only to break up with him after a year or so in October 2012.

In the aftermath, she of course landed a book deal for a work entitled I Didn't Come Here to Make Friends: Confessions of a Reality Show Villain.

"Going on The Bachelor was the most amazing opportunity I've ever had, but I did not have a fairy tale ending!" Court tells celeb gossip magazine Us.

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Note to selves:

Spend less time ogling Kate Upton nude photos and more time learning about the United States.

In the following video, we meet Aanav Jayakar. The toddler is 19 months old and can barely talk, yet he can name every capital city in the country… while also pointing to its location on a map.

Watch now and prepare to feel especially dumb this morning

Still, Jayakar. We aren't that impressed.

Call us when you can solve a Rubik's Cube while juggling.

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