Old Lady Flips Off Camera, Ruins Couple's Ballpark Engagement Photo

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This photograph of an angry old lady flipping off the camera in the foreground of a couple's public engagement photo really must be seen to be believed.

Old Lady Flips Off Camera

Most of the time, people love a good public marriage proposal.

Especially at a baseball game. With so much downtime in between innings and at-bats, what's not to love about a guy getting down on one knee at the ballpark?

A lot, if you're this woman. Her reaction to Kenny Lovelace proposing to girlfriend Molly Ryan at a recent Colorado Rockies game speaks for itself.

Photographer Kerinsa Mullins confirmed that this is legit.

While she was capturing the special moment for the soon-to-be newlyweds, an older couple yelled at her to move out of the way and kept giving her the evil eye.

It wasn't until the next day, however, that she realized the woman had flipped off the camera to leave a profane mark on Kelly and Molly's engagement photo.

Fortunately, the bride-to-be has a good sense of humor.

"I couldn't stop laughing. I said it was the greatest photo I've ever seen," she said, noting, "There is a girl sitting behind us that is so excited for us."

"My mom is crying, I'm crying, and Ken's so nervous."

"Then there's this lady flipping us off."

That there is. Keep it classy, lady.


If your that miserable in life where you cannot be happy for someone...stay in doors rather than coming out and trying to make everyone else as miserable as you. Your in a PUBLIC PLACE that you CHOSE to go to. your not alone in your living room so people are going to stand up, get in your way, be loud or whatever and you have to deal. SHEESH!


That's what can happen when you include others in your pictures.


Oh please - it's obviously staged. Yawn.


People are really crazy and rude today...No matter how old they are....


It looks pretty fake. They are in the only empty area of the place? Really? Isn't the point to use the jumbotron or scoreboard or something. I call bs.


she looks like my grandma


She's might have been annoyed that she was having the game blocked. Timing is everything.


That old lady's behavior makes me wonder how she treats her own family and friends. Just a thought..........

@ jaybird369

Yeah right. Let's pause and do a background check- no doubt.




The old hag ain't getting any.

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