Mom Denied Food at Hospital For Not Breastfeeding

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A mom in Australia, who wishes to remain anonymous, is nevertheless making headlines after claiming she was denied free hospital food because she isn't nursing.


The mother of three recently says she was shocked when she accompanied her five-month-old son to the pediatric ward, where he was treated for a lung infection.

When the staff was made aware that she wasn't breastfeeding, they informed her she could have some toast, but beyond that, she'd have to pay for any food.

That, she says, is not the case for mothers who nurse.

"Because you're not breastfeeding, you won't get meals here," the mom, who says she had to leave her son alone to go get some food, was told.

"For me to go and get some decent food, I have to leave my child. I understand they are busy but that's why I think there's more reason to feed us so we don't have to leave our children."

"It's not so easy on a mom who cares about her children to go and get herself some nutrition when you come back to an anxious, upset baby," she said.

Also frustrating for this particular mom? She wanted to nurse. Quite badly, actually, but it just didn't work out, due to severe food allergies and reflux.

Bottle-feeding the newborn with prescription formula was the option she said made the most sense for her family, even if it wasn't her first choice.

If this is true, and the mother is being punished because breastfeeding didn't work for her - by a hospital - perhaps they should reexamine their policy.

No matter how many studies tout the benefits of breastfeeding, not everyone is going to do it, and there must be better ways of increasing awareness.

What do you think? Is punishing those who don't breastfeed, however slightly, an arbitrary measure and contrary to what should be hospitals' goal?


Lol, at all the pro breastfeed people on this page.. Breast feeding does not make your child any more healthy or superior to non breast fed babies...

@ Eric

Wrong. Less chance of diarrhoea/vomiting, less infections, better digestion, less chance of diabetes or obesity, better skin (less chance of eczema). These aren't bias statistics being used by the breastfeeding brigade. These are facts you can find in any good research institute. If all women capable of breastfeeding elected to do so, the world would save billions in dollars, there would be thousands less hospital visits every year, and we would overall be better as a society. Sounds ridiculous, but educate yourself and you will soon realise. Don't post about things you don't understand.


So what they don't feed the fathers after you give birth....because they aren't breast feeding,you don't here them crying!!


I am guessing that any adult who is not breastfeeding is not entitled to a small snack? Sounds reasonable. Formula feeders seem to think they are entitled to the benefits of breastfeeding even if they opt out. Just saying.




Did you not read the entire article?? The mother said she couldnt breastfeed due to severe food allergies and reflux. Your statement is stupid.


Not saying I agree with it, but I know some hospitals get reimbursed and get write offs for food given to nursing mothers because it can be viewed as a service to the child, the patient. Also, if a mother is nursing, shes required to be there every time the baby needs to eat, so its an accommodation. Feeding the mother is feeding the baby if she's nursing. With the birth of our child my husband doesn't get free food just so he can stay there. No, I get it because I'm nursing and my being there is actually required.


@lynn read the story! The baby was 5 months old!


Um she just gave birth dumbass ! Let her eat. Probreastfeed ppl should get a clue. I can name more breast feed babies with problems than non breast feed. Our environment is different today! Unless your not taking any medications or dont have any medical conditions, then you should breast feed. I know a kid with heart defect because mother was told it's ok to breast feed while on an antidepressant. So stop being fanatical


It seems that you're forgetting this free-food service is a PERK for nursing mothers, whose bodies are using more resources to provide food for their children. Non-nursing mothers have normal energy intake requirements just like everyone else, so they should be treated like everyone else. They don't give free food to the fathers or other relatives either. If they plan to be at the hospital during meal time, they have to pack food or suppress their hunger just like everyone else. Get over yourself and stop complaining just because you didn't get free things. Entitled people these days. Next we'll have women two month into pregnancy running to the papers because people didn't give up their seats for them, but did so for women eight or nine months into their pregnancy. It's not the same thing.


in italy, that's normal!!!
and i would add SHAMEFUL

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