Miley Cyrus Reacts to Media Coverage: What About Trayvon Martin?!?

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In new excerpts from her Rolling Stone interview, Miley Cyrus holds little back.

Case in point: she gushes over weed and how it's such a better drug than cocaine.

The singer also goes on in detail about her exposure these days, reacting to all the headlines over her raunchy VMA performance and naked Wrecking Ball video as if publicity wasn't her exact goal in the first place.

Miley Cyrus Topless Cover
Miley Cyrus for Rolling Stone

"I think it's the media riling up the people, rather than people riling up the media," Miley says of her prominence online, citing negative blog headlines that attract traffic.

She also asks a question of society: How come her wrecking ball riding garners so much attention... but the Trayvon Martin case has already been forgotten about?

"What makes me kind of sick is, Trayvon Martin's trial didn't happen more than two months ago. It got talked about a lot - but it still got done being talked about a lot quicker than the VMAs.

"And that's really sad. For about two days, it was on Twitter and everything... and then two days later, where was it? Who cared anymore?" Cyrus says.

"Even I was like, 'I want to help his family when it's an appropriate time.'"

"But then people just forgot."

So... wait... is Cyrus now complaining about the attention she's receiving? Despite the fact that she's said her goal at the VMAs was to GET attention?

Her stance here seems a bit confusing, if not outright hypocritical.

"It slips your mind," she said of important events such as Martin. "We go on to the next thing, our next problem. It's like, "Why are we not still dealing with that? Why are we not still mourning that loss?"

Weigh in one Miley's comments now and click through photos from her attention-grabbing spread in Rolling Stone:

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Miley Cyrus Rolling Stone Image
Miley Cyrus Tattoo Pic
Topless Miley Cyrus

Well, everybody does exactly what Miley said.There is a huge uproar
& people take sides (longer than 2 days) but when the fervor dies down,we all go on to something
else.Nothing changes. An honest
statement from a girl that has
every right to her opinion.

@ lola+d.


@ Ronnie+Corral

Or should I call you 'foolish little girl' or 'Don't spare me?'

@ lola+d.

You chase ghosts! U are so far behind you actually think u r N the lead.

@ Ronnie+Corral

Whatever Ronnie. It's been a
great debate.


If this is what passes for entertainment these days, I'd rather watch paint dry.


She needs to put her tongues back in her mouth and shut up now. She is beginning to look stupid by discussing social issues she can't possibly understand being a privileged white girl.

@ Spare+me

Excuse you for expressing your
opinion,ay?Look back to the first
comments & you will see the
same terminology & the name
Lauryn Hill with the commenter
going by 'Don't Spare Me.'

@ lola+d.

Sorry,S.M., that name was
'Please Spare me' Oh man, I
gotta take a break from this.Is it possible for a Crazy to drive me
Nuts? Bye for now.

@ lola+d.

You looking for a trend? My guess is there are a total of 4 people on this whe damn site. U r right though and so was I yesterday- stay off the vodka you goofball.

@ Spare+me

Privileged white girl? Wow! So it makes a difference? If she was chocolate like Rhianna would that be okay? How about BLACK BLACK like Lauryn Hill the tax cheat - would that be alright with you? Please- don't spare ME- spare yourself from looking dumber than you are!

@ Sims


@ Ronnie+Corral

Oh, I'm sorry.You Are each other.

@ Ronnie+Corral

You two lame-brains deserve
each other.


She is so disingenuous it's stunning. She does shocking things for attention and then complains about the media and has the nerve to mention Trayvon. Ha pleassssse. I like her music why does she have to be such an awful person


your so funny!


Miley is going to end up Amanda's roommate very soon.

@ Repeter

Pretty tasteless to bring Amanda into this.She will be in treatment
for a very long time & I believe she has a form of schizophrenia.
It has nothing to do with Miley's
Media blitz or her personally.

@ Repeter

She's going to end up getting best down first.


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