Miley Cyrus on "Wrecking Ball" Video, VMA Antics: Naughtier Things Still to Come!

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Hard as it may seem to believe after the past few weeks, Miley Cyrus hinted in a recent interview that we may not have seen the peak of her outrageous antics.


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    She likes making daddy and papa proud


    her mom is to blame---no good slut mother! Any parent worth a sh_t would be kicking her ass street to street and telling her DONT EMBARRAS THE FAMILY BITCH YOUR ACHY BREAKY DADDY did enuff o that already----years ago


    She's very immature! This I don't care attitude is like my niece, and she wonders why everyone leaves her. It's because she's delusional


    where can she go from


    How she cries and what she was crying for... claimed that she was having bitter sweet love and hate relationship with Liam it is all about not exactly true.. This girl is not stupid she just wants to have the fame by telling people about how she express her relationship by using the wrong way to boost up her only career! Wow really smart move but not too smart girl. Coz only day when you run out of ideas you will be like Taylor Swift chew one and spit out and chew again. At the end when the curtains closed these girls will be so damn lonely that they wish they could have done it better. Fame will only comes once or twice in your life time. Like Madona even though she can hand on there but she is such a lone woman coz she has to use money to buy not love but company. So sad and so stupid!


    Enough of this little minded girl.


    She will surely end up doing porn. I see a future 'tanning mom' here. By 40 she'll be a chain smoking nicotined stained whiskey drinking, fill in the expletive, whore. Meanwhile these psychologically messed up girls that don't have millions of dollars to fall back on their mistakes, girls, will be raising little lost children, furthering the decline of girls and boys everywhere.

    @ Default+Setteen

    You are Nuts.Sounds more like where you will end up.Miley will never do porn, so you will just have to watch your regular nightly porn shows.Sounds like you've been into the whisky.'Little lost children'& 'the decline of girls & boys everywhere?'Miley's fine but she sure brings out the Lunatics.

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