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Very full of herself. :(


.....it's part of nature.


Don't know about Molly but she's right about pot. It may be even less harmful than cigarettes so they might as well legalize it. Furthermore I have not heard of deaths due to pot use only a loss in short term memory over the long run.

@ ivan

Ivan, I agree that pot might as well be legalized.I don't think any more people would use it than they do now.I have a concern
with it being used by young
kids only because I know more
than a couple guys who are chronic users & they all are
immature,& seem either irritated
or really apathetic.I guess any
really heavy use from 15 years
old to 30 would do this.I wish I
could do it the odd time but I
become a total dysfunctional
idiot.So yeah, I have seen some
pretty drastic personality changes
in pot smokers.I guess it's the
moderation, like all else.Pretty
life altering though, on those
who can't control their use.

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