Miley Cyrus Nude Album Cover: Unveiled!

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She isn't swinging from a Wrecking Ball, but Miley Cyrus has gotten naked once again.

The daring 20-year old has released an alternate cover for her upcoming album "Bangerz," one on which she appears in her birthday suit.

This cover is one of five for the deluxe version of the album - which will be available exclusively at Miley's official store - though it's clearly too rique for retailers.

Miley Cyrus Nude Album Cover

Starting at 3 p.m. EST today and ending on October 13, fans can head to Miley's website and vote on the art that will become the official deluxe CD cover.

The album, meanwhile, will be released on October 8. And you suck, Liam Hemsworth!

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Liam doesn't suck. He's a class act who refused to sink as low as Miley has decided to go.


Hmmm, it used to be Rihanna that was naked every other day. Now it's this one. RiRi currently off drugs, Miley on, I guess.


She looks like Justin Beiber with boobs. Ick :(


She just is not sexy. She looks like a whooer.


What a slut!!!


The best looking thing on her is the tattoo! lol!!


Too bad this young woman thinks she has to appear naked and do outrageous things while naked or nearly naked in order to sell records. What does that say about her own faith and the faith of her managers and parents and record company and agents in her actual talent?

@ JimmyT

It actually says nothing more than what it's said of the likes of a Britney Spears or a Jennifer Lopez, which is please buy my albums...even though I'm not a strong singer but I can dance my ass off or twirk my back off for the sake of shock's basically visual empty calories for the brain and record sales....


This probably isn't necessary. But Gaga gets away with it so should she. There should only be one set of standards. Sorry to say but this picture not flattering.


She looks like a boy! Next Amanda Bynes. She will be blaming her family and her child hood for everything she is doing now. Liam can do way better than this train wreck. Who acts like this way when they are engaged? She has no respect for herself or anyone. She is pathetic!!! Nasty!!! Trashy!!!

@ Hahaha

You've put wayyyy too much thought and hatred into somebody you don't even know, you act as if she stole your damn man...Get a grip already child.


Miley is definitely looking for attention...I think, she's trying to come out of the closet....