Miley Cyrus: Naked, Riding Wrecking Ball in New Music Video

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For her latest music video, Miley Cyrus has left her foam finger and her Twerking teddy bears at home.

Also, her clothes.

Yes, the "We Can't Stop" singer keeps things simple and very naked in the official video for "Wrecking Ball," riding around in her birthday suit while straddling the apparatus after which the track is titled.

The footage starts with an extreme close-up of an emotional Miley - but as the single speeds up and the words pour out, there's Cyrus, ditching her clothing and scarcely cover up her private parts with a giant chain.

Prepare for many more days' worth of headlines and controversy over a 20-year old exposing her body in such a manner and react to the "Wrecking Ball" music video now:

This Miley Cyrus music video is ...


Pathetic. What else can you say. It really makes you wonder what kind of personal hell she's in. It also is a wonder why those who "love" her are not steering her towards the help she needs. It is all so sad. She has some talent for singing. She doesn't need to do all this sexploitation to be popular. It is even more sad that her family seems to have written her off or are ignoring this behaviour in the hopes it will go away.


Mainstream Americans aren't much different in mentality to the Taliban, judging by the tone of most of these remarks.

@ TeeCee

I agree,Tee.I wonder if anyone actually watched this video Without deciding they would Hate it First.I actually think these haters would pay to watch the Stoning of Miley Cyrus.She does deserve it after all,for the 'Shaming of America.'To call her a copycat is bizarre as countless artists 'cry' in their videos.To call her a 'Wannabe',that's just silly.That poor Miley,she'll just never Make it.I like this video,( the vocals,lyrics and the visuals.

@ TeeCee

Not the Taliban. Just not impressed by fakers. Take Madonna, she has kept her slutty persona well into her 50's. No apologies, no excuses. That is who she is. I have a friend who works as a professional in Amsterdam's Red Light district. Again, has done this for decades and loves it. That is who and what she is. Neither one has to try hard to be a whore, but they both know there is a time and place for everything. Miley is trying way way way too hard for this to be who she really is or want to be.


I hope everyone axes Miley. She is getting worse and worse. She is exploiting her body disgracefully. Get a life Miley. What is she going to tell her kids (if any) when they see see her


This gal needs help!!! And I think I know d perfect place send her to Africa to a country call Sierra Leone!!!


She gets naked and makes out with a sledge hammer. Seems quite normal to me.....for an attention whore that is.


She needs help bad!!


I use to love miley along with my daughter but now her videos are absolutly explict. Sad to see such a good girl rebel so hard... sad to say my daughter and I stopped listening to her music and buying it..

Samantha lynn

I like the song, but to me, that was pretty tasteless. Clever, but tasteless.


The wrecking ball is apt IMO...she's wrecking here career and possibly her life. Only time will tell. I pray she gets a clue - SOON before either occurs.


i actually liked the video and song and i hated her music back when she was disney. the nakedness is a bit much and i hated her performance at the vmas. i was shocked and horrified. i think shes trying to prove shes not a little girl anymore but shes causing a bit of controversy-- but then again what star doesn't nowadays?

@ christine

Agree christine.Some things have been a bit too much but I really like this video.She is an Exceptional Singer.

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