Miley Cyrus: Naked, Riding Wrecking Ball in New Music Video

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For her latest music video, Miley Cyrus has left her foam finger and her Twerking teddy bears at home.

Also, her clothes.

Yes, the "We Can't Stop" singer keeps things simple and very naked in the official video for "Wrecking Ball," riding around in her birthday suit while straddling the apparatus after which the track is titled.

The footage starts with an extreme close-up of an emotional Miley - but as the single speeds up and the words pour out, there's Cyrus, ditching her clothing and scarcely cover up her private parts with a giant chain.

Prepare for many more days' worth of headlines and controversy over a 20-year old exposing her body in such a manner and react to the "Wrecking Ball" music video now:

This Miley Cyrus music video is ...


Looks to me like she is crying out for help. Way out of control she"s on a crash coarse to something bad . Now she might as well do playboy and make more money she aint got nothing to hide now . To me its pretty slutty ans sad


Don't know why these girls have to act out and become trashy for attention. It's either they act out out like Lindsey and Amanda, and act like they are crazy and become drug addicts. Or they just make videos like this and grind on married men for attention. I personally think this video is trashy and she could have done a better video for this song... Have some RESPECT for yourself Miley!!


Get over it already! There are far worse things out there.


I think she is just showing people how she feels inside. Let her go


Go for gold
There are no parts showing except for two big balls lol.
the music industry has changed I'm 39 and has changed a lot in just that time just go with it.

@ Troy hart

You are right,Troy.


I think people are too ruff on her. I'm not really a fan, but I do sort of like her "We Can't Stop" song. I think she's resorted to this behavior so she can get publicity. It seems to be working.


Please don't use the excuse that she's just crying out for help. No way this public display is anything but vulgar. Yes she does look like a boy and it wouldn't surprise me if she came out of the closet pretty soon.

@ guest

You speak of Miley as if you know her personally....But more importantly, according to you, She doesn't seem to have a real choice when it comes to her apparent "true" sexuality. If she's "trapped" then all she has to do is untrap herself.....after all, she's got the complexion for the collection, for the protection!" She'll be just fine coming out. most people will embrace her.In fact, it'll make so much more sense as to why she is the way she is.

@ guest

I think that maybe, Miley is stuck in the closet and it trying to get out to be who she really is...That's why she's not feminine anymore....She's not crying for help, she want to be like Lady Gaga and Madonna or Rihanna...

@ Blind Alley

You guys are all stuck in some Weird closet of your own Imagination.Now Miley's gay?Yeah, that expains it All!
You artless stinking Toads.If you don't understand art or music You should all go back to your Closet of Ignorance.Jlo must be one big dyke then with those 'Look at my T &A ' red carpet Get-Ups.


you're so hot


Oh, is that Miley? I thought that was a boy! Those walnuts must be about a size A!


Another copy cat performance. Everything this chick does is copied. No, no one has rode on a wrecking ball buck naked, but to stand there and cry on camera has already been done. Sugarland's video for why don't you stay. Sorry Miley. AGAIN, I'm not impressed. You are a wannabe. Period.

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