Miley Cyrus Defends Video, Describes "Wrecking Ball" as Emotional Experience

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Look past the nudity, people.

And appreciate the raw emotion.

That's the message Miley Cyrus is sending in her first comments since "Wrecking Ball" took the Internet by storm Monday, earning over 19 million viewers in two days and once again making Cyrus the most buzzed-about celebrity in Hollywood.

Explained Miley on the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show today: "The song is a pop ballad that everyone can relate to; everyone has felt that feeling at some point."

"If people can take their minds off the obvious and go deeper into their imagination and see what the video really means, it is so vulnerable."

It's also filled with images of Miley naked and licking a sledgehammer.

"If you look at my eyes, I look more sad than actually my voice sounds on the record," Cyrus says. "It was a lot harder to do the video than it was to record the song."

"It was much more of an emotional experience."

It's true. There are tears in the singer's eyes, which at least one outlet attributes to thoughts of Liam Hemsworth and that fragile relationship.

As far as her image, the radio hosts named Miley the Queen of Twerking, which prompted a laugh and this response from the "Wrecking Ball" singer:

"For me, anything I do becomes such a big deal. I'm just having fun. Whatever people label it as it doesn't really matter. I always want to switch it up."

What do you think of Miley's latest effort to do so?


That is one dirty little horny girl!


Miley sticks her tongue out-been done. Acts like a tramp-been done. Cries for the camera-been done. Haircut-been done. Everything about her is a copy cat. Nothing original. Come on billy ray. Do something with your daughter.


I love the song first off. I don't think it matters that she's naked. People complain about that why?..because she was once a Disney star? Who cares!! But yet Lady GaGa can dress like a freak and show her ass in every video but nobody complains about that. She's an artist.

@ Catherina

I guess these whiners think that the human body is a dirty thing
but it seems only when it's Miley.
Actually, that video alluded more to her nudity than really showed anything uncalled for.I think these people may be Jealous of her having a very nice back?

@ Catherina

I love the song when it ends....I'm talking over. Thats the greatest part.


Bitch looks like a chicken that's been plucked.


We can't "look past the obvious" because your flabby naked butt and chicken legs are blocking the view.


She is a talentless dweeb. Seriously, when you can't write music, your voice is nothing special, can't write lyrics worth crap, and you can't play an instrument - hmmm, you act like a slut/whore/prostitute to draw attention away from the fact that you have no real talent! Pathetic. And equally pathetic are the millions of dopes who pay attention to her and her stupid antics!

@ WhoCares?

Well, you are certainly paying attention to her.Seriously,Miley is getting more kudos than ever for her Vocals/Lyrics/Video & BTW, she plays guitar.This little group of Mindless haters mean NADA to Miley and her career is Booming.

@ WhoCares?

all true


Wasn't that impressed with the song and the tongueing is getting old.


Isn't it fun when celebrities include us in their therapy?

@ Roy

Yes- its what I live for.


Still thinking Miley looks like a rabid dog with her tongue hanging out and that scowl on her face. I hope she isn't ruining any chance of having a successful career


Artistic freedom? How about attention grabbing because you don't have what it takes by way of your music.


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