Miley Cyrus Defends Video, Describes "Wrecking Ball" as Emotional Experience

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Look past the nudity, people.

And appreciate the raw emotion.

That's the message Miley Cyrus is sending in her first comments since "Wrecking Ball" took the Internet by storm Monday, earning over 19 million viewers in two days and once again making Cyrus the most buzzed-about celebrity in Hollywood.

Explained Miley on the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show today: "The song is a pop ballad that everyone can relate to; everyone has felt that feeling at some point."

"If people can take their minds off the obvious and go deeper into their imagination and see what the video really means, it is so vulnerable."

It's also filled with images of Miley naked and licking a sledgehammer.

"If you look at my eyes, I look more sad than actually my voice sounds on the record," Cyrus says. "It was a lot harder to do the video than it was to record the song."

"It was much more of an emotional experience."

It's true. There are tears in the singer's eyes, which at least one outlet attributes to thoughts of Liam Hemsworth and that fragile relationship.

As far as her image, the radio hosts named Miley the Queen of Twerking, which prompted a laugh and this response from the "Wrecking Ball" singer:

"For me, anything I do becomes such a big deal. I'm just having fun. Whatever people label it as it doesn't really matter. I always want to switch it up."

What do you think of Miley's latest effort to do so?


No, Ali, we are not going to participate in that.That is for people who are Insecure and Bitter.


When is she gonna date a black rapper?


Licking a sled hammer & humping the wrecking ball has NOTHING to do with vulnerability or being artistic. It's completely sexualized & she is doing exactly what she intended, get more famous by being more edgy.



@ Ronnie Corral

Well, of course you sure know what is going on in the PORN WORLD.You guys going on about Miley's ' INDECENCY' are probably all ADDICTED to PORN.No wonder you have no RESPECT for any WOMAN.


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I watched Miley growing up, I love her as a artist she has such talent for those who says she don't apparently so or she wouldn't be a star still, weather you respect her or not what can you change it's not your life it's hers how is complaining about a nude video gonna help anything it's been done no taken it back do you really think Miley sits around bother by it no your the only ones. If you don't like her you can avoid watching her. I wouldn't do what she done but I'm not going to bash her to make myself feel important but are you?


If the video is so much more than her being nude, then why be nude? Seems like that would detract from her intention for the video (which I have not watched by the way and don't plan to). She looks for any reason she can find to be naked in public. And I seriously don't know why. She looks like a boy.

@ Legaltype

Why Not be Nude? If you have not watched the videos then Why are you even commenting on
this artform which is Way over yout Head? Why even go to this thread that is addressing Miley's video? You only wish you had a Body like Miley.

@ Legaltype

She's nude because it's shows her vulnerability. As it usually does in ANY sense of ANY art form. Please educate yourself and stop seeing things at face value. MANY artists and singers have had nudity or been nude in their videos. So Miley doing it is NOT anything new to the pop scene.


She doing the same thing everyone else has done. Grown up and taking it to the limit. The same reaction was there for Madonna, Brittney. So just let it go. Let her do her thing. You don't like it don't watch. Turn it off. Your choice.


Put me down for $100.


i love it how miley wants to do it her way,every body just back up a little
shes just like us

@ me

Listen to le Miz,She may be like you and I but don't think she is like the majority of these awful 'people.' She could never be so Horrid & Mean.Too bad they can't calm themselves down because Miley is going to do things her way.

@ me

No, she's like you.


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