Miley Cyrus: Dating Mike Will Made It?!?

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Take this, Liam Hemsworth!

With Miley Cyrus' recent ex having hooked up with Eiza Gonzalez over the weekend, multiple outlets are now reporting that the 20-year old isn't exactly shedding any tears over her loss.

Because she has a new man of her own!

According to both The National Enquirer and Star Magazine, Miley is dating producer Mike Will Made It (real name: Michael Len Williams II), with whom she started working on "Bangerz" in February.

The pair walked the red carpet of last month's Video Music Awards together (looking quite comfortable) and Will has posted multiple flirtatious pictures of him and Miley on Instagram.

"Everyone knows they're hooking up," an insider tells Star.

So, did Miley actually cheat on Liam in that case? It doesn't appear that way: insiders now claim the couple broke up weeks ago, it just took awhile for the information to actually go public.




I LOVE YOU MILEY! Keep making the public talk but be ready to block 1000s of racist trolls on twitter.


People are mad she is dating a successful black dude meanwhile Liam the z-list actor was cheating on her. Some people's priorities are so fucked up. At any time the dumb asses under this comment section can join us in the year of 2013.

@ WhiteJesusApproved


@ WhiteJesusApproved

Isn't "successful black dude" an oxymoron?

@ WhiteJesusApproved

At least it wasn't a Black woman....Miley needs to get off of those drugs.....


Miley Cyrus is letting her original fan base know they are no longer wanted. She knows her demographic for H.M was paranoid so-last-century minded passive aggressive racist white Americans who actually fail for the propaganda campaign about their "races" alleged greatness.


Miley is a WEIRD individual. Lets see how long this duo lasts. I think he is the one that directed her latest MTV diseaster, and by all the topics on her NOW, they are all EXTREMELY NEGATIVE in the media, as well as her HOMETOWN... high school. So, this is HOLLYWOOD, so lets see how long before she rolls into the DRUG DRIVEWAY.


Can you really blame her ? White women tell me all the time
white guys lack game where it counts,behind close doors.
Besides,everyone knows you white guys prefer each other
and little boys.

@ lpd



Some of these name changes go from ridicious to just plain stupid. Have no opinion or interest in Miley's love life.


Dirty little tramp, the only reason her father praises her is afraid he will lose his meal ticket he needs to beat her ass and lock her up for a few years


She really wants to play the I'm a poor black HO in the ghetto game. She's revolting and black women should shame her-


Skank!! Never thought she had a brain in her head...

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