Miley Cyrus: Axed from Vogue Cover for Racy VMA Routine

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Miley Cyrus is scarcely covering herself in the music video for Wrecking Ball.

But she won't be covering an upcoming issue of American Vogue at all after using a foam finger for ways in which it was not intended at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards.

Miley Cyrus Smoking
Miley Cyrus for Terry Richardson

According to The Daily Mail, Cyrus has already been photographed for the front of the December issue of this famous magazine.

But editor-in-chief Anna Wintour has axed the planned feature after witnessing Miley's antics with Robin Thicke on a national stage in Brooklyn last month.

"Anna found the whole thing distasteful," an insider tells the newspaper. "She decided, based on Miley’s performance, to take the cover in a different direction."

It's unclear at this time whether or not Miley's pics will appear inside the issue or be scraped altogether.

While many have been critical of Cyrus' lewd VMA routine - did you read what Dr. Laura said about it?!? - this is the first time any backlash has actually affected Cyrus' career in a negative way.

It's also clear that Vogue has much higher standards than Saturday Night Live.

While Wintour has essentially banned Miley from her publication, Lorne Michaels will be welcoming her as a host and musical guest on the second episode of SNL Seasom 39.


I really don't feel sorry for Miley...Because, there are so many young people in this world that are having worse problems than Miley's....The young kids can't find jobs after graduating from college, having to work odd jobs to get by....Miley is a very wealthy girl and a trouble girl...I have this feeling, that something happened to her when she was younger and that's why she's acting the way she does...Keep Liam out of this, he didn't do anything to her...Grow up Miley, you'll soon be 21 years old and it will be the time for you to start acting like a woman....


She look's like Justin b's sister. Can't grip around anything this girl is trying to be.....

@ Snickers

leave her the fuck alone,tont tell me you didn't have done anything that she did in your life?????????
you assholes...
that for all of you

@ me

I wrote the comments below by mistake to 'allietruth' was meant to be for Snickers....Snickers, read those comments...My apology to 'allietruth'...


No offense, but Vogue has had celebs on their cover in previous years that have been drugged out and drunken skunked. Besides, chicks that have slept around with a ton of dudes...and worse. So, Anna is sort of a hypocrite. Vogue isn't that classy. Let's be real with it.

@ allietruth

You don't quite understand about these kind of behaviors and why she's acting out....You seem to be that kind of a person just like Miley...Maybe, you can explain it to all of us about it....Leave her alone, are you kidding, Miley wants those attention from all of us...


Enough about this little girl - with the 5 year old mind.


If her ass along with many others stopped getting "PRESS" for 30 days this shit would fade to black. Who is attracted to this trash in regards,they find it stimulating?


People need to stop and think about why they don't like the Miley behavior at the awards show. Could it be possible that it is not that we all want her to be Hannah Montana, but that she's just no good at the stage antics? I thought she looked like an amateur and a jerk. It's just that she has no talent for it, that's all.


oh my gosh she cant b on the magazine for goofn off n havin a laugh w someone worse things goin on in this world than to worry about that come on thats the dumbest thing iv heard they dont deserve u on the cover of the magazine it should of been an honor for them miley even agreed to be on their magazine im sure not buyn that vogue magazine again they lost a customer n alot more at that cuz word travels fast n there r so many of her fans that would buy that issue jus for her n so ur losn regular customers n her fans that would buy it jus for miley on it their loss

@ brandy

I don't think that Vogue cares what you think...I agree with the magazine and there are better people that belongs with the Vogue and Miley isn't one of them....

@ brandy

First of all learn to spell and write! I can't really understand what you are saying but I can guarantee you Vogue sets higher standards for their viewing clientele. Miley is far to classless to grace their cover. I respect and commend their decision. If she wants to act like trash and look like trash she has no place on a magazine w/ a CLASSY reputation. My hats are off to you Vogue! Finally she is being held responsible for her horrible decisions! I don't think Vogue will go out of business because you don't buy their magazine if you ever have :)


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Thank you guys for all your support. Without you, none of this would be possible. I love every one of you and I could not be more appreciative. God bless you.

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I have let myself down. I will learn from my mistakes and trust my support team. My family and my faith will guide me through my life's journey.

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