Michigan "Romeo & Juliet" Missing: Teen Couple Leaves Note, Takes Off For Parts Unknown

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A pair of Michigan teenagers have become the subject of a massive manhunt after they left a note and ran away together in one of their parents' cars.

Braxton Wood, 14, and Jayden Thomas, 13, apparently took off in Braxton's parents' black Ford Explorer on August 26 and are still on the run.

From what? It's unclear. But Jayden left a message in lipstick on her mother's mirror in her Clare home: "I love you so much. Stay happy and beautiful."

Police are working with several law enforcement agencies and private investigator Michael Cook, who has worked on nearly 20 missing children cases.

The "real-life Romeo and Juliet," as local media have dubbed them, have been dating for about six months. It appears they are likely still in Michigan.

"It seems they've been touring our state of Michigan here," Cook said. "There have been pings off of their cell phone in different parts of Michigan."

"The most recent one was Monday morning about 1:05."

Cook said the duo crossed the Mackinac Bridge to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, hours north of where they live, at one point, but have since returned.

"We did get a (license plate) capture of them going southbound," he said. "It's a different world up there. It's very rural - a beautiful place to go."

Cook said that there is no evidence of kidnapping and that he believes one of their teenage friends or acquaintances likely knows where they are.

But that person, obviously, has not spoken up yet.

"We are getting tips but none of them have panned out at all," said Sherriff Leo Mioduszewski of Isabella County, adding that their motives are unknown.

"My fear is that they might run away again once we return them to their parents," he added. "Even the parents at this point aren't 100 percent sure why."

Both teens have blond hair and blue eyes.

Anyone with information in the case is asked to contact private eye Mike Cook at (616) 466-4274 or the Isabella County Sheriff's Office at (989) 772-5911.


I have a weird, bad feeling about this one, to be honest.


their excuse?


Yes- if they were mine I would pray they got home safe and then would want to just about kill'em when their juvenile ass returned!


They just need to come back home go to school they can still be together but follow thru with school etc. and see where it takes you both if it's meant to be it will work out down the line


They'll be back home as soon as they realize that they can't live off of love. They can try, but they'll fail as soon as the next best thing comes along.


Ahhh puppy love, how dumb it truly makes us!! Is it just me or are the children of today trying to find love at a younger, younger, younger age??? Maybe it's time to bring back the Chastity belt!! Ijs. Smh.

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