Michael Lohan Says Joan Rivers is Hooked on Botox, Cutting; Fashion Police Star Threatens to Sue

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Joan Rivers and Michael Lohan are currently engaged in a bitter war of words.

It began because of Lindsay Lohan, who Joan routinely makes drug jokes about ... which didn't sit well with her dad, who had some choice words about Joan.

Specifically, that Rivers is addicted to both plastic surgery and self-mutilation.

Mike Lohan Photograph
Joan Rivers in Mink

Now, Joan has come back with a double-barreled response to Michael's response:

  1. Re: His defense of LiLo: "It's a little too late to become a concerned parent."
  2. Re: Cutting: "It's totally not true and if he ever says this again, I will sue."

Ouch, and noted ... though we've never known Mike to cool his heels before.

As for Lindsay, she's doing better in quest to no longer be a cautionary tale.


It was really a horrible tale to know for me, a botox nyc lover, for the first time I heard it.


he simply hasn't the money for a Botox-Treatment.


I think by "cutting", he is referring to all the plastic surgeries she has had. How can she sue him when he is correct?


Somebody should sue his Idiot bad parenting ass Dina Lohan too! It would serve them right.

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