Man Texts Break-Up Message to Wife Instead of Mistress: Real or Fake?

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This can't be real... can it?

In an Instagram photo posted to EpicFail (dot) com, an Internet user has taken a screen shot of someone's text message exchange with his wife:

Awkward texts

His VERY awkward text message exchange, we should say, considering it opens with the man saying he has to break up with her... only to then backtrack.

He actually meant those words for someone else, he says.

Oh, okay. Phew... right? Wait... WHAT?!?

The World Wide Web has fooled up before (darn you, epic Twerking fail!), so check out the text messages now and decide: Did this really happen?

You be the judge, THGers ...


I have actually sent my mom a text that was suppose to be for a guy i was talking to so yeah it can happen!


Obviously it's fake, she just said that he was on the other side of the room, so wouldn't she freak out... out loud instead of texting him back...?


Obviously it's fake.. Why would he tell his wife it was meant for someone else? He can't be that dumb.

@ Ema

Sadly enough some people, a lot more than you would think, are really that dumb

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