Liam Hemsworth Wants "Clean Break" From Miley Cyrus; Stars Now "More Like Roommates"

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Miley Cyrus' engagement to Liam Hemsworth may be nearing an end. The actor reportedly plans to make a "clean break" from the racy singer soon.

According to a source close to Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus Twerking up a storm at the VMAs was the last straw, straining an already tenuous relationship.

Liam, sources say, is now "just weeks away from calling it off permanently."

"He is over her and wants to make a clean break. No more back and forth."

It's unclear when exactly Hemsworth will dump her or why he hasn't done so already if he's so over her, but he is said to have found Cyrus' VMA antics "mortifying."

The couple has reportedly been "on and off" in recent months.

When they reunited on the red carpet on Thursday, August 8, the pair "acted as if they were strangers," a source said at the time, and it's no better at home.

At present, the pair still reside together at Miles' home in L.A.'s Toluca Lake, but the pair are "more like roommates than lovers," another source notes.

"They're not even sleeping in the same room," the source said.

Will Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth last?


I don't know what he sees in her or what anyone does for that matter. She's not attractive, can't sing or act. She constantly acts like she's desperate. He can do much better & should be focusing on his career.

@ LoLo

She gives great BJs.


Stay in school,or at least start!


Good. I truly do not see any maturnal side to her at all. She's headed for a career to "no where" However she did it her way.. Guess her Mother was not much of any role model. Happy for Liam

Elaine david lisle
@ Mary

Liam has just shown everyone what a coward he is. he doesn't have the guts to break it off himself so he wants someone else to do it for him. Funny he seems to criticize her while he is messing around with that Ho January Jones. He has the nerve to call her a mess when he is nothing but a male whore. She deserves better then this wimp.


The look on Liam's face in the above picture says it all doesn't it.....He's saying to himself, "How the hell did I get mixed up with this chick?" The answer, looks can always be deceiving!


he bought a few dildo's for her? BECAUSE SHE IS STILL IN PUBERTY?

@ abe

He knows how he got "mixed up with this chick" - she gave him a chance in the first movie he made here.

@ abe

She's probably bored with him anyway.


No self-respecting man would want to be engaged to an exhibitionist like Cyrus. She's shown what she is---and I hope he runs away.

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